Outsourcing Partner for the year 2014

August 17,2015
At the 10 Year celebration of Telenor Pakistan, Telenor announced the winner of the OSP (Out Sourcing Partner) of the Year competition held between three OSPs during 2014, and it was one of the proudest moments when they announced IBEX Global as the winner.   According to Telenor, “IBEX Global has drastically improved their KPIs in the last 2 quarters of 2014, turning the center around, and it has gone from being the bottom performer in the first quarter, to the top performer during the last 2 quarters. This was the result of strong communication between IBEX Global and Telenor Pakistan, and accurate alignment on the goals. During the initial phase of improvement, one fact was greatly emphasized upon, that since the goals of both partners are same, only team work can bring about a positive change”.   We at IBEX Global, celebrated this moment with all our employees. There was a cake cutting ceremony and speeches by the Senior Management including our Country Head Nadeem Elahi. It is only due to hard work, commitment and dedication that we were able to produce quality work, step up to the challenge and were defeat our competitors.  

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