TDP 2.0 Leadership – The Care & Growth Model

February 22,2017
The Talent Development Program 2.0 aims to develop the company’s future leadership that relates to the concept of modern day leaders vs. managers or bosses, keeping in view this thought; Leadership – The Care & GrowthTM Model was designed by Mr. Fakhir Shah from Schuitema on Monday February 13, 2017 at CP Floor 19 training room. In this age of information, not many people know that Care and Growth is a universal leadership thematic that is based on the premise that we exist to serve the other, and in doing so, we actually serve the highest of our own self-interest. The Schuitema leadership approach is based on the premise that personal mastery and successful leadership of others are one issue not two. The Care and Growth leadership model emphasizes that the key problem facing leaders at work is to establish legitimate power or acceptance of their authority by those they lead. Legitimacy is gained only when leaders care for and grow those in their charge.

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