SZABIST Entrepreneurial Society – Share Your Vision

January 09,2017
Senior Manager HR, Junaid Alam at IBEX Global was invited as a guest speaker at SZABIST in the “Share Your Vision” workshops organized by the SZABIST Entrepreneurial Society to address the graduating students who are aspiring to be part of the Workforce or wants to be entrepreneurs. Mr. Junaid Alam addressed the students regarding “How to Gain Effective HR Skills” in which he discussed how important HR is as a function and how everyone is an HR Manager be it anywhere, in any domain whatsoever. He discussed the must have traits to Attract, Motivate and Retain talent. He talked about strong business acumen, understanding that every human being is different, exhibiting empathy as a professional and ensuring integrity in work. The session was followed by Q&A sessions where different HR Professionals also participated to foster learning in students.

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