Supervisor Rescue Mission – Story of our Corporate Values

July 24,2018
When I saw the alluring decoration of balloons and buntings all around ibex. tagged with Supervisor Rescue Mission, it naturally led me to open my eyes wider than ever before! Supervisor Rescue Mission was the biggest employee engagement activity of the year, organized by the HRBP team across all PK Sites. To rescue a supervisor based on some enjoyable activities and funny clues reflecting our core values –RITE: Respect, Integrity, Transparency, and Excellence-- while working as a team stood out as the central theme behind this activity. Hence, it all began with an opening ceremony where all the participants gathered and were given a brief introduction followed by the game plan. There were six teams having six participants in each team. All the teams were provided with different colored ribbons to form a unique team identity. Supervisor Rescue Mission was divided into five different stages, each team has to pass all the stages in order to rescue his supervisor. Since it was a performance-based activity, performance points were awarded to all the teams at each stage. Additionally, it was heartening to see the team members devising a solid strategy to achieve their goal embracing teamwork within stipulated time considering their strengths and weaknesses too, and this is how they learned to stay strong in finding a way when they have no option but to COMPETE only with limited resources!

“You don’t need an Army to fight for your GOAL; it’s the spirit that COUNTS”

At the end of the event, a closing ceremony was organized on the floor to have a good last impact on the champions, runners-up and the participating teams. It was followed by the prize distribution among the champions and the runners-up. Each Champion got the customized ibex. bag pack along with the trophy, and a certificate. Each Runners-up was awarded a power bank, a trophy, and a certificate. Remaining four teams were awarded a certificate of participation. The Unique Selling Point (USP) of this event was the participation of the Operations Management at every step. Different Operations & Operations Support Managers supervised the Supervisor Rescue Mission at various stages. Their involvement made the event more colorful and vibrant. With all the smirk-filled actions and cheerful faces, we must say that all the participants breathed and lived the core values –RITE -- Respect, Integrity, Transparency, and Excellence-- just the way one takes a groovy roller coaster ride! Hence, with lots of energy, everyone got back to his/her work, but we must say that through this activity, the creativity of our brilliant people emerged out and it served as continual engagement and sheer encouragement for our very own ibexians! Stay tuned for upcoming surprising yet lesson-filled ride of activities! Comments from the Management:
  • “The Supervisor Rescue mission was an excellent initiative by the HRBP team. I was able to witness the event in both Islamabad and Lahore. There was a lot of competition and all participants really seemed to enjoy the activity – most importantly learning about our company values. Kudos to the organizers for putting together such a well thought out plan!” – Hashim Khan – Director Operations
  • “Great Show guys. Hats off to the HRBP team for making this happen and all those who supported them.” – Waleed Yousaf – Direction Operations
  • “Great show! Very well done HRBP Team” – Shiraz Gul – Assistant Manager CIQ
Comments from the Participants:
  • “I really want to thank entire HRBP Dept. for organizing such an amazing event for agents. Rescue mission was a great experience all over and learning as well. I hope you people will arrange this kind of events again in the future. Thanks for being an awesome management.” – Sumbal Abbasi – Customer Support Executive
  • “As the part of this super amazing activity that is Supervisor's Rescue mission, it was an honor. Activities like this should happen more often. It was all about fun, interacting with people from different levels and positions in the office, learned about team building and how to work as a team.” – Rabiya Farooqui
  • “We loved the activity on the floor as it was out of our usual routine of boring work.” - Ali Ahmed Qureshi – Customer Support Executive
  • “These activities should be planned more often to have work enjoyment.” - Fiza Khan – Customer Support Executive
  • “It was a pleasure to be a part of an engagement activity at ibex.. It was not only fun but also a great medium to know our fellows” – Hassan Abbas – Customer Support Executive
  • “It was a fun activity. The gifts from ibex. are very precious for me.” – Muhammad Sameer – Customer Support Executive
  • “It was a great fun activity. We enjoyed a lot. We would love to participate in such activities in the future as well. Thank you ibex..” – Zahra Alam – Customer Support Executive
  • "Appreciate all the hard work put for the activity by the HRBP team. In my opinion, I enjoyed being part of the activity and all participants showed sheer enthusiasm & involvement in the Supervisor Rescue Mission. Such events are healthy to develop bonds between employees of same and different tier. For future, I would suggest to incorporate learning with fun in sort that increases the interaction of CSEs and Sups with senior management. That can serve to create comfort for them to reach out to management and in process learn something informative." - Wamiq Haider - Manager WFM and Compliance
Contributed by Sehrish Shakeel, Javairia Masood & Fatima Khawaja PK Site

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