RPL – Where Thrill Meets Spirit!

May 08,2018

Season 6 Karachi Chapter

From coming across; interested eyebrows in the cafeteria, to witnessing the smirks in the elevator and the parking area at ibex.; it all became apparent that the clouds of the Red Premier League-RPL Season 6 were looming all around the workplace. RPL- Red Premier League is an annual event that stands apart from all other events, as it opens a vista for all employees to display their sparkling sportsman spirit and cricketing talent to compete with the best and perfect their skills even further. RPL Season 6 came with a bang and hit massive participation, thereby, continuing the legacy for almost five years with even greater magnitude. . It all kicked off with the release of catchy teasers across social media platforms followed by forming teams, coordination with players and finally the Trophy unveiling event. As expected, nail-biting matches were seen, patronized by a spectacular crowd of employees and their families that were found interacting with each other and enjoying all the way in every single match. Therein lies the beauty of the RPL! Twenty-four competitive male teams and eight belligerent female teams, from different departments, were formed with incredible team names and logos, as they came together to clinch the RPL tournament Season 6. Every match went live on Facebook and Instagram which gave RPL a full-fledged hype, crossing 150,000 virtual audience members and their interest level in RPL could easily be reviewed by instant likes, reactions and laudable comments on social media. Moreover, nerve-racking and sensational situations were seamlessly covered with commentary, cloaked in-jokes; hence leaving everyone blushed for minutes and revived excitement throughout the matches. With every knockout match played on, there had been collywobbles observed in the crowd. Finally, there came the day we all had been waiting for! Female Operations Support Team “Wonder Girls” had to face “Square Trade Lynx” in the final, after consecutive wins in equal measure by both teams. Ops Support Wonder Girls being the most dangerous bowling side restricted ST Lynx to just 29 runs. Operations Support- Wonder Girls swiftly chased the target with a loss of two wickets, as they stood out of the crowd as “CHAMPIONS” of RPL Women’s League Season 6. On the other side of the battlefield, arranged at the amazing venue of the UBL Sports Complex; the Ops Support Male Team “Thunders”— the most resolute side of the tournament, after giving tough time to almost every single team they played with, carved their way to the finals where they faced “Support Kings” and restricted them to 46 runs only. Umair and Sohaib Farooqi, with their impeccable bowling smashed away all the vultures circling around in the way of success. Ops Support Thunders chased the target for the loss of one wicket only and swept the board as “CHAMPIONS” with Syed Tahir Hassan—Captain of the team—held as “Man of the Match” and Umair Mansoor as “Man of the League”. All in all, a dazzling award ceremony gave the event a pretty impressive end where all around, there was nothing but excited faces, lost in celebration after receiving the trophy from Senior Manager OD—Asad Farooq Siddiqui. Ops Support Wonder Girls and Ops Support Thunders rejoiced their win with the trophy in the ground and cherished every bit of it! We at ibex, expected it to be the one of the most blistering and enthralling events of the year in terms of employee motivation and productivity, and so it was. Together with the collective and untiring efforts of the organizers and support teams, we made it an event that left indelible marks in the minds of everyone! But Wait! Next stop is the Futsal Tournament. So, we will be right back with the bang again. Till then, stay thrilled! Contributed By: Sehrish Shakeel Recruitment Marketing Officer

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