May 23,2018
When my eyes caught people under gray walls, with a green mindset, going yellow and actually celebrating Red Day where Red seemed to spill like an overflowing sink and for this very reason, my pen could not resist me to share all that happened in black & White! However, let me first unveil the legacy of Red Day. Since, the very beginning, it has been one theme that has driven the culture of the company. The red color itself depicts what we truly stand for, the boldness and strength it carries is what every ibexian is made up of. The energy that this color brings with it is what each one of us exerts to the fullest. To cut the long story short, at ibex., we interpreted Red as a true reflection of the LOVE - With ibex., LIFE- Life ibex Gives to Us and ENERGY - We Put in Our Work and Get Rewarded For. Combining all the attributes of Red, there existed our central theme of celebrating Red Day! To embrace the fraternity at ibex, we all dressed up in Red and to put the cherry on top, we brightened up the face of brilliant ibexians with face painting. Done with face painting, we started introducing a set of indoor games; each cleverly designed to let out sheer creativity and to boost employee morale. Hence, made all the participants learned how to achieve a goal within stipulated time considering your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses too, and how to stay strong in finding a way of survival when you have no option but to COMPETE only! Additionally, it was heartening to see when the Senior Management was founded as engrossed as the fresh grad came on-board two weeks ago, which again sets an example of high-performing culture at ibex.

This had been a day unlike any other; Full of fun, team bonding, and purposeful

Red Day games were divided into three manageable fun-filled chunks:
  • Red Sting Competition - The one who finished the sting first, held as a winner in a count of three people.
  • Balloon Pyramid - The one who made with building pyramid first, considered as the winner.
  • Office tennis - Where participants played in pairs with cardboards and table tennis ball and were supposed to destine the ball to an empty box while crossing the path given without dropping it in the middle.
Each winner was a gem in its own right and his colleagues flocked to take selfies with him. To say the least:

We didn’t have to tell the teams they were awesome and they knew it!

With all the live, fun-filled action, Red Day rejuvenated all of us as we embraced the talent of everyone! Hence, with lots of energy, everyone got back to their work, but for now, it suffices to say that the outcome truly showed the creativity of brilliant people we have and we believe it will continue to serve as continual engagement and subtle encouragement for them! Contribute By: Sehrish Shakeel Recruitment Marketing Officer - PK Site

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