Radio Talk!

October 31,2017

A live session about BPO Industry by Fahad Sabzwari

Syed Fahad Subzwari –Director Operations Support, talked about the BPO Industry on a famous radio channel- Hot FM 105. While speaking about the scope of BPO Industry, he threw light on the wide spectrum of BPO Industry and its entire workflow along with the growth opportunities at IBEX Global, by giving examples of those who kicked off their career as customer support executives & specialists and now are serving as top-tier managers in the BPO Industry. During the live session, Syed Fahad Sabzwari grabbed the attention of listeners by providing a consistent and reliable stream of newsworthy information accompanied with extreme focus on communication skills since school age. He further added that in today’s competitive world, communication skills in business are the most sought-after quality of an educated person. Moreover, students should indulge themselves in constructive activities that infuse a healthy feeling of competition and curiosity among them to develop good communication skills. In the mid of the session, Fahad addressed to parents that they should appear as a hardcore mentor for their children in developing excellent communication skills. In addition, they should not push them to go for predefined fields like engineering or medicine, etc. Moreover, let them discover the horizons of emerging fields like BPO Industry, which tends to flourish and continues to thrive despite the odds. Fahad Subzwari left the fruitful live session by revealing the hallmarks of IBEX Global as top BPO firm in Pakistan and how it has faced the challenges since its inception, thereby, leaving an indelible impact on the minds of listeners. Contributed by: Sehrish Shakeel Recruitment Marketing Officer

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