May 05,2018
Hope Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering “It will be happier” – Alfred Tennyson As one of the world’s most culturally diverse companies, ibex. is fervently committed to developing an inclusive culture and recognizing the contribution of all employees through spellbinding activities. Every new journey demands a very new version of you, hence to cherish the achievements of past Year and welcome the New Year with enthusiasm, OLX, Warid and Mobilink (OWJ) Management planned New Year Festivities on January 2, 2018. Following the theme, Warid team came up with full-fledged cultural and traditional impression of Pakistan; OLX team disguised themselves under masquerade masks and threw a masquerade party, which stood out unique amongst all. Moreover, Mobilink team spruced up in a best possible funky look. Moreover, all the floors were well decorated in accordance with the theme. On one hand, all around there were happy shiny people lost in celebrating their respective themes, but on the other side of the coin, some heartbeats were running faster as they were all waiting anxiously for the jury to pay a visit and announce the winner. Besides this, keynote Speech of Zahid Shahani-- Manager Operations –in which he extolled all the participant campaigns. As he was going with the flow towards announcement, it caused goosebumps for all the participants and suspense clouds started looming, which ended up finally when OLX team declared as the Champions of the Theme Day followed by Cake Cutting Ceremony. In addition, the cake was so yummy that everyone was craving more of it! The enchanting factor which is worthwhile to notice here is, every activity we do has been our recipe for success, but the secret ingredient has always been the theme that allows us to create incrementally cooler and more inspired than even experiences and for our people to enjoy! Contributed by: Zahid Shahani - Manager Operations PK site Sehrish Shakeel – Employer Branding Officer PK site

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