Out in the Open Sea!

February 19,2016
It was a cool, crispy Saturday morning when IBEX Global employees gathered at 7:00 pm at the Karachi office. All around there were sleepy eyes, drowsy looks on faces and yawning but it was all worth the effort because a picnic was planned by the company for a whole day! A beach plan was organized for IBEX Global Employees on Saturday 28th November 2015. The meeting point was at the Karachi, Centerpoint office where all employees gathered in the wee hours of the morning and left the premises after about half an hour to enjoy a breakfast arranged for them at Dera, Boat Basin, one of the most popular breakfast spots found in Karachi. Hot, steaming Halwa Puri, crispy chicken and cheese Parathas, refreshing lassi (yogurt smoothie) and aromatic cardamom tea was the feast for the morning. The breakfast went for about an hour after which we all headed for Kemari; the port in Karachi where a boat ride awaited us to drop us at the Pakistan Naval Academy. From there, a navy bus took us to the beach at Manora Island which was our Final destination for the day and the beginning point of an enormous amount of fun and excitement! The spectacular combination of the sun, sea and sand enthralled everyone present there and the beautiful weather that day enhanced it all. Everyone was seen involved in different kinds of activities and were having a pleasant time doing it. The sports lovers were seen playing volley ball and cricket. Then there were some who were being entertained by camel and horse rides. And for others, simply walking barefoot on the sand was enjoyable. These candid moments were captured on camera via group pictures, selfies etc. and it was a good break for all employees to indulge in some amusement and to forget about their corporate lives for a while! Indeed it was a refreshing change for a day where there were friends everywhere rather than just colleagues working from nine to six. A brief snack break occurred somewhere around midday where we all had chips, cookies, drinks and other delicacies to satisfy our hungry bellies. This resting time was much needed since most of us were exhausted by that time. Sometime after that, lunch was served which included Beef Kebab, Biryani, Chicken Tikka and Malai Boti. The lunch arrangement was flawless and everyone appreciated it. After lunch, everyone went down for some last few hours to enjoy the cool waters and the soft sand. The day was ending and the picturesque sun set behind the horizon was indeed a splendid view. Half-heartedly, we all packed and headed off to the journey back to where it had all started. But it was different because now we had memories to cherish, stories to share and an eventful day to remember! By Gauhar Bhatti

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