Our weekly luncheon!

December 13,2017

“Nothing brings people together like good food”

The weekly luncheon is an idea, which was initiated by Fahad Subzwari (Director, Operations Support) two years ago. Here is a question - How often do we actually get to meet up with the entire team for lunch or check-in with others in a relaxed and casual environment during the workweek? I would have to say, very seldom. I usually notice my colleagues taking their lunch breaks sporadically, as and when their schedules allow, that too usually on the go. To combat the whirlwind work routine, a team lunch is arranged every Friday, after Friday prayers. Over time the group has evolved and now hosts teams from operations, operations support (recruitment, employer branding, training and development, compliance, workforce management and quality assurance) and our support departments (human resources, human resource business collaborating team, administration and IT). All these teams clubbed together to present a total population of approximately 40-45 people. If you were to pay a visit to our cafeteria on the 10th floor from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm on a Friday, you would probably notice one end of the floor solely occupied with a group of people indulging in good conversation, scrumptious food, and many laughs. I have to admit, the food is what brings us all together. The menu varies and is not just limited to Pakistani food i.e.; biryani (traditional spiced rice with meat), qorma (braised curry with meat), naan (bread), and pullao (rice and meat cooked in a seasoned broth). We also make it a point to branch out at times and try different cuisines like Chinese amongst others. Our lunch does not hit the finish line without dessert, though! Kulfi (traditional South Asian ice cream), zardah (sweet saffron rice), gulab jammun (fried dumplings), kheer (rice pudding), Ice cream or peach-pie are only some of what satisfies our sweet tooth. The concept of encouraging colleagues and co-workers to eat together more often serves its purpose quite well. Not only does this gathering foster team bonding by bridging the gap between those we seldom get to interact with but also helps us unwind and build better relationships through informal interactions and conversations. Here is to more Friday afternoon lunches at IBEX. Contributed By: Rabia Sheikh Manager - Training & Development PK Site

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