Meet and Greet

July 31,2015
While devising a marketing strategy for IBEX Global, it was realized that in the past Marketing trends, we might have focused on a lot of ATL (Above the Line) marketing techniques but no effort was done as part of a BTL (Below the Line) marketing technique. Above the line (ATL)below the line (BTL), and through the line (TTL), in organizational business and marketing communications, are advertising techniques, or different strategies companies use to create brand awareness in the market about their products or services. ATL communications use media that are broadcast and published to mass audiences, BTL communication use media that are more niche-focused. While both ATL and BTL communications can be used to either build brand awareness or drive sales, it is BTL interaction that gives the marketer the ability to tailor their messaging in a more personal manner to the audience. It is hence necessary to reach the audience in a more personal manner through BTL activities. In the month of May 2015, the marketing team focused all its efforts on launching their first BTL activity in a way that would create hype amongst our target market. Hence, it was decided to launch our first ever Mall Activation. The reason why we chose this particular activity was because of the ‘mall-culture’ in Karachi as well as its popularity amongst our target audience, which is 18 to 35 year olds. The mall activation was organized between Friday, 22nd to Sunday, 24th May 2015, at Atrium Mall Karachi. This was planned as part of a branding effort to create a unique name and image for IBEX Global in our audience, through this mall activation with a very engaging theme. Branding of this kind aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal audience base. Along with branding, we also integrated our hiring focus in this mall activation. As we hire for the position of ‘Customer Service Executives’ all year round, hence all our marketing efforts have to focus and address to both; branding and hiring perspective. The set up followed our red and white theme, which was also the TRG theme. Since the transition to IBEX Global, this was our first effort to build our association with our parent company, ‘TRG’. Half of the set-up had a counter with our pylons and backdrop at the back where our employees were present all along in those 3 days, to address to the concerns of those coming to the stall, telling them about the company and informing them about our job applications and how they can go about it. To attract the crowd towards the set-up, we also arranged a mini-golf set-up right next to the counter set-up. The reason why mini-golf was selected was because it is a goal-oriented game, which is one characteristic most relevant to the jobs of ‘Customer Service Executives’, hence it was the best game we could have arranged over there which reflected on the characteristics of our potential employees, and also served as an attention-getter for the crowd of Atrium Mall. On Friday, 22nd May 2015 when we stepped into Atrium Mall to launch our Mall Activation, the set-up that was arranged over there surpassed all our expectations. Right in the middle of the mall on the Ground Floor, right in front of the main gate was our mall activation space. Our branding was not just limited to that space but it extended to each and every floor of Atrium Mall, with our colorful balloons hanging on the staircase of each floor of the mall. The information counter on the main entrance was also decorated with red and white balloons of IBEX Global. We had 4 ushers, who were distributing our flyers to all the mall visitors throughout the activation, as well as IBEX Global employees, representing the company on the counter set-up. The activation was backed up with music to make it livelier for the audience and look like a fun activity. All the audience (fulfilling our criteria for potential CSEs) that visited our activation set-up either for the information counter or for the mini-golf, got the chance to include their basic information with us on electronic tabs, which was another way for them to apply for jobs with us and we also gave give-aways to each and every one of them, to make this mall activation memorable, not just for us but also for them. The mall activation turned out to be successful enough, as a lot of people still walk-in to our office for job interviews because they found out about us through this BTL activity which attracted them to apply with us.

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