League of Extra Ordinary Women – Launch Highlights

October 17,2017
The launch of first IBEX Global Women’s Network under the title “League of Extra Ordinary Women”, happened in Islamabad & Lahore. This platform is to provide support for professional growth and leadership of women in Contact Centers across all locations, build a strong network and facilitate engagement among women to support, mentor & develop the young talent, enhance recruitment of women, improve the gender split in the Contact Center, empower females across IBEX Global and make them an effective part of the Organization. The club would be initiating different activities under the leadership of Maheen Fatima (VP HR) and President of “League of Extra Ordinary Women” along with the Brand Ambassadors. The nominated team across each location would make sure to initiate activities like arranging seminars / motivational speakers, learning activities, coaching & mentoring, talent spotlight, roundtable events – sharing success stories and different theme days. Soon, it will be launched in Karachi as well. It is pertinent that this network will be a success and will play a key role in our gender diversity initiatives and plans. Following are the brief details of the happenings from the Launch event at Islamabad and Lahore site: Islamabad: Ibex Global - Islamabad pilot launched “League of Extra Ordinary Women” on 15th September, 2017. The brand ambassadors in Islamabad are Javairia Masood (HR), Maria Tariq (Domestic Operations), Hina Karim (International Operations) and Sadaf Sohail (Operations Support). The event was attended by a large group of female employees. The core leading group was Faisal Siddiqui- Sr. Manager Operations, Imran Ata Manager Operations, Tayyab Ahsan - Manager HR, Bilal Kazmi – AM HR, Imran Safdar AM WFM, and of course our VIP guest Wamiq Haider – Sr. Manager WFM. It was a short event hosted by Javairia Masood - HR Generalist, including a brief address by Maheen Fatima - VP HR, Faisal Siddiqui -Sr. Manager Operations, Wamiq Haider - Sr. Manager WFM. Ceremony was followed by cake cutting and concluded with High spirits to achieve the ultimate goals. Lahore: IBEX Global Women’s Network - Lahore Chapter was launched on 20th September 2017. The brand ambassadors in Lahore are Fatima Khawaja (HR), Afshan Iftikhar (Domestic Operations), Fatima Tahir (Domestic Operations), Aisha Butt (International Operations), Sadia Khan (Operations Support), Noor-ul-ain Butt (Operations Support), who will work along with the Team Leader Tehreem Fatima (Operations). A large number of female employees came forward to attend the launch event of “League of Extraordinary Women”. They were very enthusiastic to be a part of this Club. The event began on a welcome note by Fatima Khawaja (HR Business Analyst), followed by a message from Maheen Fatima – VP HR & President of League of Extraordinary Women. She shared her vision and elaborated the purpose of launching the project & introduced the brand ambassadors. From the Management side, Hashim Khan – Director Domestic Operations, Waqas Hameed Mehr – Sr. Manager Operations & Ali Adnan – Sr. Manager CIQ along with other key members were there to support and encourage this initiative for women of IBEX Global. Each one of them appreciated the idea of Women’s Club and expressed their high expectations from this platform. The ceremony concluded on a cake cutting activity, carried out by the President of the League & the Brand Ambassadors. The whole event arrangements were done by Ahmed Mujtaba – HR Business Leader and Fatima Khawaja- HR Business Analyst, from the HRBP team. Karachi: The launch of League of Extraordinary Women – Karachi Chapter held on October 9, 2017 at IBEX Towers. The brand ambassadors in Karachi are Noor Ul Huda (HR), Sadia Riaz (HR), Saba Kamal (Domestic Operations), Tahira Naz (Domestic Operations), Soyba Khan (Domestic Operations), Shehreen Rizvi (International Operations), Shereen Fatima (International Operations), Rabia Sheikh (Operations Support) and Najmus Sehar (Operations Support). They will work with the Team Leader - Madeeha Naseem (Operations Support) to make this Women’s Network successful. For the launch event, the office was decorated with gold and black balloons and the all the brand ambassadors wore color-coordinated dresses based on the event’s theme. The event began on a welcome note by Noor Ul Huda (HR Business Leader) and Sadia Riaz (HR Business Analyst), followed by the introduction of brand ambassadors. They shared their thoughts and a message for all the females. It was followed by a message from Maheen Fatima (VP HR & President of the League of Extraordinary Women). She shared her vision and explained the purpose of launching this league. From the Management side, Fahad Subzwari (Operations Support Director), Wamiq Haider (Senior Manager WFM & Compliance), Sheharyar Mujahid (Manager CIQ), Ahmer Zohaib (Senior Manager Operations), Junaid Alam (Senior Manager ER & HR Services), Asad Bhatti (HR Business Partner), Sikander Hussain (Senior Manager Administration), Asif Masood (Senior Manager Operations), Mansoor Akhtar (Manager Operations), and Nabeel Saif (Manager International Operations) participated in the event launch. They appreciated the initiative and encouraged all females to be part of it and achieve success in life. The ceremony concluded on a cake cutting activity, carried out by the President of the League & the Brand Ambassadors. Very special thanks to Kashif Abdul Latif (CSE) from Telenor Campaign, who did the whole event arrangements. Contributed by Fatima Khawaja, Javairia Masood & Noor-ul-Huda HR Team - PK

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