iJAMS Phase 2 Launch

April 25,2017

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iJAMS phase two launch was held on 7th April 2017 at IBEX Global Lahore Office. It was an Open House session arranged by HRBP team for all the Contact Centre employees to give them a better understanding of iJAMS, refresh their knowledge about the Internal Job Posting (IJP) process & to help them understand the new structure of iJAMS. iJAMS process has been revamped and soon will be completely automated. Applicants will directly apply for the IJP on the new IJAMS portal. As soon as the deadline to apply for an IJP will end, Compliance, Human Resources (HR-ER) and Work Force Management (WFM) teams shall get an alert to notify about eligibility applicants as per defined criteria. After the completion of this process, HRBP team will schedule applicants for the iJAMS Tests. The criteria of an IJP have also been revisited in order to facilitate the employees and provide them with more opportunities to grow in their career with IBEX. In addition to iJAMS & Excel test, Competency Based Interviews have been introduced as part of the IJP selection criteria. A candidate should score at least 65 percent overall in these three categories, in order to get selected. Also, the iJAMS test score will now be valid for duration of one year. The employees gave a positive response towards the new additions in the selection process and felt motivated to take part in the upcoming IJP’s. Seeing the high interest level of the employees and the popular demand, more iJAMS awareness sessions will be arranged soon. Contributed by Fatima Khawaja HR Business Analyst Lahore

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