ibex. FIFA Gaming Competition 2018

July 19,2018

16 Players | 4 Teams | 1 Ultimate Goal Game ON!!!

Teamwork has been at the center stage for many years as far as employee-focused initiatives are concerned and its value in bringing about workplace happiness has remained non-debatable and further to maintain the efficiency of employees and to engage them in extra-curricular activities. Ibex, organized a FIFA Gaming competition at Karachi & Islamabad sites. We named the gaming competition, FIFA 2018 to enhance enthusiasm among all, as the young generation was already very excited about ongoing FIFA 18. Highlights of Islamabad & Karachi event are given below:

Islamabad Highlights

Sixteen players represented four teams with four members each; teams were made and named as Red Hawks, Raiders, Generals and Target Killer. All players were given shirts representing their teams. On June 30, a gaming competition was organized for the HRBP Islamabad team by ibex., with the support of Square Trade Management. Each player was representing one of the teams initially, but after the qualifying round, every player was to beat his competing team, even from the same team to be in the next round. The Final round was played between Mr. Fahad Iftikhar from RAIDERS and Mr. Bilal Kazmi from RED HAWKS. RAIDERS WON THE GAME. Beverages and later on, the dinner was served. The game was getting intense every moment, especially Semi-Finals and Final spiced up the game. Everyone was on top of his/her energy level and was cheered up for his/her teams. The game turned out to be a huge success and deadly competition. Mr. Shaheer Humayoon from HR team was managing the matches and trophy was handed over to the winner by Assistant manager Operation, Mr. Rizwan Shahid. Contributed by Bilal Kazmi & Muffarah Tariq

Karachi Highlights

HRBP and Square Trade Management collaborated to provide a fun-at-work environment for the Customer Service Executives by arranging a FIFA Gaming Competition during the month of July 2018. After receiving numerous nominations, it was decided to have a tournament, starting from Qualifiers that were played in the format of best of three then progressing to the knock-out stage of the Round of 16, Quarter Finals and Semi Finals. These games were played with away goals rule. The Final match was played between Moiz Ahmed and Tauseef Ahmed. All fixtures were made through the draws. Thirty-one (one-on-one) matches were played over a span of 10 days. The tournament immediately started to stir excitement in the entire Team Square Trade. All matches were watched and enjoyed by fellow colleagues who were found to be cheering and supporting their favorite players. The venue was full during most of the crunch matches. Colleagues turned into supporting fans and cheered every minute of the 5 minutes per half match. HRBP Team was coordinating for the matches and HR Generalist, Mr. Dinesh Kumar, handed over the winning trophy to the winner. Along with the trophy, the winner was awarded a certificate, Blue Tooth Speaker & a goody bag. Rest all other participants were awarded a certificate of participation A special thanks to Fahad Ashraf –Sr. Manager Square Trade and a salute to Yaser Rafiq – Manager Square Trade, who made it all possible with their support and guidance. Contributed by Mirza Ali Imran

Lahore Highlights

“Are you a Game Changer?” was a talk of the town for the last few days. The answer to this was finally obtained in a FIFA Gaming Competition, held last week among the International Campaigns of Lahore. The event began in full high spirits. The HRBP team left no stone unturned in making this event a success. From customized trophies & medals to personalized team bands, everything was in accordance to the event. The participation of the employees was exemplary and their energies were high. From the start – where Maheen Fatima – VP HR & Hashim Khan – Director Operations opened the house by distributing team bands and caps to the team leaders & participants till the winning moments of the final match between Saad Ibrahim - Customer Support Executive & Farooq Mazhar – Customer Support Executive, everything went amazing! The Ultimate Winner – Saad Ibrahim was awarded the winning trophy, a first position medal, worth rupees 2000 voucher of Gooline Gaming Zone & a goody bag of ibex. giveaways. 1st Runner-Up – Farooq Mazhar a second position medal, worth 1000 rupees voucher of Gooline Gaming Zone & a goody bag of ibex. giveaways. 2nd Runner-Up– Obaid Zafar won a third position medal, worth 500 rupees voucher of Gooline Gaming Zone & a goody bag of ibex. giveaways All the participants have been awarded ibex. giveaways and a Gooline Gaming Zone voucher. Not to forget the special highlight of the complete tournament, the Exhibition match between Hashim Khan – Director Operations & Sharjeel Mehr – Manager Operations. Special thanks to Abdur Rehman Joyia – Quality Advisor CIQ, for being a fair judge of the event and ensuring the execution in the most remarkable manner. Contributed by: Fatima Khawaja HR Business Analyst  

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