July 11,2019
The trick to a successful employee wellness program – and healthier employees – is learning how to connect all of the components of employee wellness. These components include physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. It is essential for employers and employees alike to understand how these different components of wellness influence one another and thus shape the wellbeing of the overall work environment in the long run. ibex. identifies the significance of its employees’ health and wellness, thus we celebrated Wellness Week from 19th to 21st June, under the name of ibex.Cares. During this week, various activities were conducted to share one common message that ibex. Cares about the physical, social as well as mental health of those who matter to us; the employees’. It was an awareness program carried out for a week presenting activities like mental health sessions, yoga sessions, wellness, dietician, physician and many other sessions throughout the week. Nevertheless, that is not all that we did during this week. We carried out fun activities like games including skipping star, push-ups, bicycling, tug-of-war and much more to keep the employees engaged and later presented them with gifts and certificates for participating. Employees also participated in Random quizzes on the floor talking about the benefits of fruits, vegetables, health facts and so on. Moreover, Medical Camps were also placed in all our sites facilitating employees free of cost medical tests like bone density, thalassemia, sugar, BMI etc. On yet another exciting day of this week, Counselors and Nutritionists were invited to our sites in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad to have some one-on-one sessions with employees discussing their mental and physical health. Likewise, physiotherapists visited our sites to teach special and easy 5 minutes’ exercises to employees maintaining their physical health. It was not just a successful activity but also more of a fun-filled, engaging and much learning week. Together, we all played games, did fitness exercises, bicycling, laughed and learned a lot. Teams decorated each floor of all sites so beatifically giving it perfect wellness and ibex.Cares theme. We look forward to arranging more of such engagement activities.

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