Hair style day at IBEX Global

May 29,2017
IBEX Global Islamabad celebrated “Hair style day” on 24th May 2017. Everybody came up with some crazy and funky hair styles in order to look different yet attractive. Some people followed movie themes such as “Logan”, “Don”; others came up with character based hair styles for example “Dany” and “Mohawk”. Apart from that, mostly girls were dressed up in their traditional and cultural attire such as Balochi, Sindhi, Pathani and Arabian dress & hair. Mostly people had dyed their hair using colored hair sprays in order to make the hair look more prominent and eye catching. It was a very happening and fun day for all the employees as everyone including the Call Agents, Supervisors, Managers and the Senior Managers participated and celebrated it with full excitement. The most prominent activity on the Hair day was about taking pictures specially “Selfies”. All the people who have followed hair style themes were gathered on the Operations floor in order to make the event more interactive and entertaining for call agents. In fact it was a “HAPPY” Hair style day. Contributed By: Bilal Kazmi Assistant Manager - HR Islamabad

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