April 06,2017

Michael Jordan says: "Love is playing every game as if it's your last"

Red Club -- Sports Society of TRG that brings vast opportunities for spectators and competitors to experience the exhilaration, entertainment, enthusiasm and passion. Red Club has the mission to keep the sportsman spirit alive in all the IBEXIAN geeks! Perpetuating its legacy of engaging employees in plethora of sports events and diversified activities, Red Club once again held the most blistering and enthralling event of the year “Futsal Fever 2017”. Here at IBEX Global, we maintain a friendly and respectful environment, because that is the only way how everything related to events should be done. This event held competitions among 24 outstanding teams(Boys) including ST Warriors, Mobilink Jazz Champs, D.Spartans, Warid Warriors, St Leopards, Ibex Finance United, ST Panthers, Afinity, Mobilink Jazz Reapers, Team AIDI, CP All Stars, DM. Warriors, Support Stars, T-Monage, OLX, Admin Champs, Telenor Red Wings, Telenor Phoenix Suns, DM Bashers, DGS, Equinix Markhor, Support Function, IT, Telenor Black Hawks and 8 female teams including ST, DM. Samurai’s, Invictus Squad, Telenor Angels, DGS, Warid, NBP and Mobilink went head to head to win the title of “Champions Futsal fever 2017”. It was a pleasure to see the hard work and passion of these teams pay off. Some of the players got injured during the match despite their enthusiasm did not simmer down and they went to great lengths to play hard. Additionally, many nail biting matches came into limelight because of penalty shootouts. Hence, each and every team has given their best, to provide such successful sports events for the participants to enjoy and memorize each and every moment that has passed by. The whole event was featured over a span of 14 amazing days, as we came to witness many spectacular plays by many of the great sportsmen at the ground. We say this with zero doubts that the supporters of Square Trade were above any other supporters, they supported and cheered for their team with utmost passion and hence Square Trade—both Male and female Squad stood as Champions Futsal Fever 2017. We at IBEX Global, would like to thank each and every endeavor by Red Club ranging from assigning humble organizers —Syed Asad Ali, Rehan Faridi, Waqas Ahmed, Madeeha Naseem—and diligent volunteers—Basit and Shehryar, to arranging safety stuff and eatables, to being cooperative throughout the event as without them it wouldn't have been able to pull off such great event. It was lovely to see elite crowd all there and we highly value them for showing such great sportsmen spirit to come and cheer for the teams love! Will Square Trade continue their winning streak next year as well, or will we witness a new set of Champions? Till then stay tuned!!! Contributed By Sehrish Shakeel Employer branding Team – PK Site

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