Fun at work

November 10,2017

Theme day 2017 – Islamabad Chapter

To rejoice the fun working environment at workplace, IBEX Global celebrated a theme day on October 19, 2017. The Islamabad Mobilink Entertainment Club with the support of Islamabad HR Team organized the theme day. Both the organizers and the attendees displayed a great enthusiasm towards turning the theme day into a successful project as well as a memorable day for all the employees. The purpose of the theme day was that all the employees, especially Customer Support Executives (CSEs’) could enjoy colors and show creativity that could spice up their usual work routine for a day. The décor team positively outdid itself for the occasion by decorating the ceilings and workstations with balloons. The efforts of the employees were exemplary. The creativity and innovativeness of their costumes turned the office environment into a flurry of colors. The ones, who stood out, in the group/team theme competition, were the employees who dressed up as cowboys, the masqueraders, the vampires, the injured ones and the street vendors. While the most popular in individual costumes were the Santa Clause and the Little Red Riding Hood. Furthermore, a number of employees followed the themes that beautifully depicted the rich and diverse cultures of Pakistan. The Punjabis and Sindhis lit up the day with the colors of ajraks and the flair of lehengas. While another group of employees added Pakhtun turbans to their ensembles. Moreover, props like hookah further enhanced the already lively scene of the day. In addition, one group of employees had dedicated their workstations to the blue colored theme, that exuded the calm, quiet, and tranquility, which is often associated with the color. The employees were still in full spirits when the day ended, the theme day was a hit and one of the most memorable events of the year. Contributed by Bilal Kazmi Assistant Manager HR

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