December 18,2017
Following are the brief details of the happenings from the Halloween Day event at Karachi and Lahore site: Karachi Chapter Remember your childhood days when you would cover yourself with white sheet acting like a crazy phantom “but looked more like Casper, the Friendly ghost (pun intended)”? I’m sure most of us would have done that at some point as kids and would love to re-live that feeling again. Coincidently, IBEX makes it a point to provide its co-workers with the opportunity to express themselves in a creative way by celebrating Costume Theme Day every year. This year we got a chance once again to dress up as our favorite superhero, a funny fictional character or the scary nun from The Conjuring. Why would anyone want to shy away from this event when we can choose to be whoever we want to be? International campaigns i.e. Square Trade and Comcast actively participated in decorating the floor / work area. No Halloween celebration at work would be complete without the opportunity for employees to wear costumes. Themes like such as orange and black, gothic, fall harvest or based on a movie, book or TV show were followed. Our management thinks that employees’ personalities shine by arranging employee engagement activities at work. Everyone participated whole-heartedly in the event and had fun being at work at the same time. Once again, IBEX proved to be a place like no other. Lahore Chapter: Traditions are vital in organizations just as they are in families. Halloween is one of the most famous, celebrated traditions at work. Observing Halloween at work bids to the youngster in each of us and makes a motivated, teamwork oriented work culture. The activities related to Halloween enable you to plan numerous events while yet observing Halloween at work. Keeping this in mind, Telco Campaigns of Lahore celebrated Halloween Day. To plan and execute the celebration of Halloween at work, a special team was dedicated to all three campaigns. Everyone was fully involved in the décor of the floor and deciding the decoration theme with his or her team. Halloween celebration would have been incomplete without the opportunity for employees to wear costumes. Employees were motivated to wear their costumes to work for the day and were encouraged to participate in the “Best Dressed CSE” competition. All three Telco Campaigns i.e. Mobilink, MFS, and Warid, were competing against each other pertaining floor decoration. Food vouchers and trophies were awarded to the winners, in order to boost their morale. The overall categories of the competition were:
  • Best Dress Male & Female (Two from each Campaign)
  • Best Team (One from each Campaign)
  • Best Campaign decoration (Overall One Winner)
Employees left no stone unturned in making this event a success. Some opted to have the get up of vampires, some dressed up as the injured ones & few opted to be like witches. At the end of the day, we could see so many smiles around along with a sense of satisfaction on the faces of all employees. Such activities are important as they enhance the workplace orientation of the employees by encouraging teams of people to work together in order to decorate their shared work area. Moreover, it creates a positive impact on employee morale and motivation. We aim to keep this practice of celebrating such events going on, so, our employees get some relief from the work pressure and look forward to coming to work every day. Contributed by: Fatima Khawaja- HR Business Analyst Sunil Sultan - Business Analyst

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