Cloud vs. on-prem for social media CRM: Size doesn’t matter

June 01,2017
Just because your IT staff is technically able to support social media CRM channels for customer engagement doesn't mean investing in the integration tools to do it will help your company roll in the dough, flush with new sales. For some, hosting your own social media CRM makes sense. For others, it's public cloud, Facebook, Twitter or all of the above. And it isn't the size of the company that makes the difference. It might be speed to market; Sprint, for example, went with cloud to roll out artificial intelligence quickly. Figuring out where to invest in customer engagement tools, like Twitter CRM channels, and where to devote bandwidth to support it becomes the trick when choosing new social media CRM channels, as well as figuring out how to pilot AI tools in your CRM system. In this video interview, Jeff Nicholson, Pegasystems vice president of CRM product marketing, offers some perspective on how customers figure out what to test, how to test it and what makes sense to roll out. The one message Pega customers send the company? They want to try out these new social media CRM technologies for size, and they want to get them up and running faster than ever. "In years past, when you wanted to [implement] an AI initiative or CRM initiative, you were talking a six-, 12-, 18-month type of deployment," Nicholson says. "The business climate no longer permits that ... we see clients getting up and running in 60 or 90 days."

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