Celebrating Our Values

August 17,2015
  Culture creates the foundation for strategy. Culture creates the foundation for strategy and will either be a company’s greatest asset or largest liability. While culture has many aspects and appearances, its core should include a clear sense of purpose and shared values that guide decision making across the organization. Our values shape the culture and define the character of our organization. Just like other MNCs’, IBEX Global has its own Values and Culture, and we firmly believe in our values. Our Values is what we are and we do our best to display our Values on daily basis. IBEX Global has 4 Values: Respect Integrity Transparency Excellence And for everyone to remember these 4 Values, we took the 1st character of each value and named it RITE. We had re-launched our Values in December 2014 in Karachi and January 2015 in Lahore. It was a month long activity at each site. There were a lot of fun filled activities, games the entire Contact Center played through out those 2 months, including the Sr. Management. It was great to see the Sr. Management playing games and competing with the CSEs’. These types of activities bring everyone closer and create bond between them. The whole idea was to promote our Values & Culture through fun so it can be remembered by everyone. Below are the games/activities we had designed for everyone to participate: RITE Ladder Value Hunt V&C Guru (portal activity) The winners of each activity were given bundles of prizes throughout the 2 months. This was the very 1st time that we at IBEX Global conducted such activities to promote our Values & Culture. It was highly appreciated by everyone across the board.

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