Birthday Celebrations!

May 25,2017

“Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories.” Buddy Valastro

Birthdays are a celebration of your life. They mark another year in your life story. So, what better can be than celebrating the birthday of our employees, making them feel special and valued by their IBEX Family. HRBP team – LHR came up with this bright idea of employee engagement & left no stone unturned in making this event possible. On May 18, 2017, a small get together was organized at Lahore office where all the Taurus & Gemini celebrating their birthdays gathered together for a combined Birthday Celebration. The event kicked off with cheerful giggles and selfie sessions of the attendees. Birthday stars were cheerfully taking solo and group pictures with the birthday back drop and birthday caps, sharing cheerful moments with each other and creating ever lasting memories. HRBP team also arranged a customized cake especially designed for this event, which was cut in the presence of guests and fellow employees. A special samosa party was also organized for all, accompanied with tea. Hashim Khan – Director Operations, Waqas Mehr – Manager Operations, Ammar Liaq Khan– AM Operations, Tahreem Fatima – AM Operations, Syed Ahmed Javaid - Asst. Manager Operations , Ahmed Mujtaba – HR Business Leader & Fatima Khawaja – HR Business Analyst along with other team members of the IBEX Family were there to meet, greet & wish the celebrating employees. In order, to make things more special for birthday employees, they were presented personalized birthday cards with wishes from their Managers and Operations Director – Hashim Khan. This initiative created a positive vibe on the floor and casted an ever lasting impression in the hearts of employees. They really appreciated this effort and shown an expectation for such similar initiatives in the future as well. Feedback from Celebrating Employees:
  • “It’s all about the memories. Actually yesterday was also a memorable day for me because it was my birthday and suddenly I got a surprise from HRBP team. Special thanks to Ahmed Mujtaba & Fatima Khawaja, who organized this grand celebration and makes everybody’s day very special who are born in May. Thank you IBEX Global for giving me such honor and respect.” – Mazhar Ali (CSE – Mobilink)
  • “It was an awesome surprise for me that my office has arranged a big ceremony for all those whose birthday came in this month. I was really pleased to have special protocol and respect as given by HR and had some memorable pictures with Mam Tahreem & Mam Rabia. The whole scene was unique and amazing. HRBP team has specially arranged a ceremony for us in the cafeteria, served us cake and eatables. At the end, I want to say all one thing to all those who planned for this ceremony and to the HR department …. A big thank you  ” – Rabia Awan (CSE- Warid)
  • It is very honorable for me that IBEX celebrated my birthday and I am also very surprised. Thank you IBEX for remembering my day” – Saqib Manzoor (CSE – Jazz Cash MFS).
Contributed by: Ahmed Mujtaba & Fatima Khawaja HR Business Partner Team - Lahore

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