Award Night & ibex Got Talent!

May 09,2018

It doesn't matter how many times you win an award, it is always very special. Zinedine Zidane

How many stories are in your building? It might seem like I am asking for an architectural question, but no! Instead, I am urging you to think about the many different narratives, anecdotes, and tales that exist within your office walls. Presenting you an ever exciting journey of the Grand event at ibex i.e., Award Night – Red Day Event 2018 held on Friday, 20th April in Pavilion End Club Karachi to honor the success and to recognize the exceptional performances of our brilliant employees; where “ibex Got Talent-IGT” came into limelight. So, it all kicked off by releasing captivating teasers to create hype followed by smirk-filled auditions from our in-house musicians who spent days and nights in tweaking the music and got the drum chops along with the guitar aligned with the flow of song which was itself an exhilarating experience for them. Happily, we captured their rehearsal sessions too and we just can’t get enough of the bloopers! Additionally, stand-up comedy served as perfect break for the hosts and enthralled the audience out there. Besides this, when our in-house band stepped onto stage for performance everyone erupted with sheer excitement and within few seconds, the hall chanted at the top of their lungs with their heads banging on along the beat under the strobe lights topped up by power-packed dance performances on rock tracks was not lesser than the binge-watching experience where one can watch many episodes of a television show in a single sitting. And with this we must say that Ibex really got talent! Red Club (an official Event society of ibex) and Employer branding team emerged out as the dedicated organizers of the event and took all the responsibilities from venue booking to food arrangement, marketing materials to coordinating volunteers, hosts and musicians and accomplished everything with the speed of light! Arrival of guests including senior management continued to check-in with the clock ticking evening hours and they were all welcomed on red carpet while Nadeem Elahi (Managing Director), Maheen Fatima (Vice President HR) and Adnan Syed (CFO) outshined as star struck audience. Hence, at 8 ‘O’ clock, event commenced with the very soulful national anthem of Pakistan followed by two corporate videos of ibex. reflecting the entire true colors of Pakistani culture and how faster is our economy thriving in the business landscape while second video drew attention about life at ibex. Getting done with creating an air of excitement all around, there came the most awaited time—the Awards Distribution-- in the niches of Excellence, Leadership, Long Service and Red Club Awards where Mobilink received the Best Team Award while Employer Branding Team mounted as “Beyond Call of Duty Award”.

At ibex, we don’t just do our jobs; it’s far more than just a workplace! We live here, we breathe here! And that stands us apart from others” says Ahmed Raza (Event organizer)

With all the live action and cheerful faces, the dazzling night came to an end. And we surely say that from Arrival to dancing at the end of the night, everything delivered seamlessly and had indelible impact! But this is not the end as our success landscape is yet to cover more! There’s much more to come as we are still knitting the thread of Red day- A sequel of ibex Got talent. Comments from Management: 1) *what gets rewarded, gets repeated* Recognition is one of the best forms of motivation and nothing makes one feel better than being recognized and acknowledged for one’s good work! A lot of positive energy and an overall air of pride was witnessed during the Red Awards Ceremony when sharply dressed men and women received their Excellence, Leadership, and Long Service Awards beaming with pride. The event was infused with some great song and dance routines, showcasing the talent we have among us. Great show, amazing fun! Ashar Siddiqi - Director Human Resources 2) “Recognize and affirm people when they contribute to the mission you share. Do this and you will ignite their purpose and potential” Mike Byam That’s what we kept in our mind before executing the main event which was actually based on employee recognition following with ibex Got Talent (IGT) season 1, where pool of talented employees showcased their different talent and through fascinated performances evening was a major hit. Syed Tahir Hasan – Employer Branding and Marketing Strategist Contributed By: Sehrish Shakeel Recruitment Marketing Officer

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