Adventure trip to Ayubia National Park / Murree

May 08,2018
When it comes to employee motivation and reinforcement, ibex. makes sure it takes what needs to be done in the right possible way. Hence, to acknowledge and give their top performers a boost, ibex. arranged one-day trip to Ayubia National Park and PAF Lower Toppa Mess, Murree on 4th of Jan, 2018. This trip was the brainchild of the Operations team, was well supported by Senior Management along with Admin department. It was a fun-filled trip for everybody, something to uplift the spirit of employees to encourage them to outperform than before. As Ayubia National Park is on much height, everyone got an opportunity to do hiking which was yet again a refreshing and energizing activity. Furthermore, the lunch at PAF Lower Toppa Mess, Murree, chit-chat, playful activities and this whole gathering with other members as a whole, inculcated the sense of one unit that is, a family unit. This feeling can be established only with the presence of appreciation, acknowledgment as well as a positive reinforcement, which is fundamentally essential for all employees within the organization. Therefore, this day trip was full of memories, pictures, group selfies and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a trip where the employees got a chance to relax and gear up for next tasks and assignments. A Special Thanks to Faisal Siddiqui (Senior Manager & Site Head), Imran Ata (Manager), Tehreena Arif (Assistant Manager), Zia Ur Rehman (Senior Supervisor) and last but not the least, Khawar Abbas (Senior Manager Admin) for arranging such an amazing event. It was widely appreciated by the whole staff and it turned out to be one memorable trip. Feedback: “Proud of Operations team for organizing such an amazing event” Faisal Siddiqui – Senior Manager Operations “We enjoyed every bit of it; meeting all employees in formally makes them interact with HR more comfortably” - Bilal Kazmi – Asst. Manager HR “Thank You ibex. management for rewarding us in this manner”Talal Butt - ATL (Top Performer Supervisor)   Contributed by: Shahzeen Intern - Human Resources

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