Adding Memories to Summer Diary!

September 19,2017
We all take deep sleep at night but there are nights which don’t let us sleep and keep us anxious because of overloaded excitement! Similar situation happened with us when we were scheduled for a company picnic last month. It was a bright sunny morning of 19th August 2017 when we all gathered at IBEX Tower and left for the destination—Hawks Bay beach at 7:30AM. En route to the beach, we enjoyed a hot steaming Halwa Puri breakfast arranged at Dubai restaurant, one of the renowned spots in Karachi. The journey of the bus was itself exhilarating, where the employees listened to the songs while giggling, trying to capture the fun moments in their cameras. The scene at the beach presented a very conducive environment. The eye-catching combination of the dazzling sun, cold breeze, glistening sea and soft sand presented a resplendent view and enthralled everyone. As soon as we reached the beach, all sports lovers were seen playing cricket and futsal. Selfie lovers were taking awesome selfies and some were found dangling their bare feet at the shore. Around 1:30PM, we were served with delicious food which included chicken biryani, chicken and beef barbecue, scrumptious sausages and chilled mango ice cream. For dessert lovers, mesmerizing oven fresh brownies were arranged along with tea at 4:00PM. Everyone was having a great time and there was nothing but the echoing laughter of us all around! Hence, wonderful camaraderie took place among employees and these fabulous moments were captured on camera in the form of videos, group pictures and selfies. We headed back around 5:30PM in the evening, along with so amazing memories, which will be cherished for a lifetime and setting a benchmark for all the upcoming moments to come. Messages from IBEXIANS: Some only see company picnics as an expense, but when you really think about what they can do for us, we were amazed. It has encouraged our departmental integration, it strengthened our team work. It not only boosted our employees’ morale but also rejuvenated employees’ spirit. I’m really grateful to be a part of an organization which invests in the well-being of an employee” Aneeqa Jaffri – Talent Acquisition Officer “It was a wonderful day spent with the team had a great time at the beach got to know the guys better. Can’t wait for another gathering like this in the future” Gerard Fernandez- Recruitment Executive “It was a Fun day that reinforced the feeling of ‘family’ within the team.” Danish Khan – Talent Acquisition Officer “It was a very good experience; such event makes us know the fun side of each other. Professional relations need some personalizing and event such as this one help doing the same” Shiraz Zafar-Talent Acquisition Officer “It was a gifted experience for us. Food was scrumptious, moreover, this was a platform where we get know each other more closely. It was a refreshment for all, now we are ready to face challenges together with full of energy” Mahnoor Khan-Recruitment Officer “An excellent experience for one-day picnic. Loved the food from breakfast to lunch and dessert was too yummy. These kinds of activities increase the motivational level as well helpful for the team building too. Hopefully we will plan such kind of events in future too” Najmus Saher-Talent Acquisition Specialist Contributed By: Sehrish Shakeel Recruitment Marketing Officer

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