A Slice of Fun at Beach

March 14,2017
IBEX Global holds a firm belief in the employee engagement and has always been proactive in organizing events to accomplish it. Hence, perpetuating its legacy of actively engaging and appreciating employees, IBEX Global flexed its muscles and held its picnic this time at Sonmiani Beach just outside of Baluchistan on the March 5, 2017. It was a cool, crispy Sunday morning when IBEX Global stars—employees gathered at 7:00 am in the wee hours of morning at IBEX Tower. All around there were sleepy eyes, drowsy looks on faces and yawning but it was all worthy because the exciting picnic was planned by the company for a whole day! We left the premises after half an hour to enjoy a breakfast arranged at Hub Chowki, considered as famous breakfast spot where we were served with hot steaming Parathas, fried eggs and aromatic strong tea and it proved to be source of feast for the morning. The breakfast went for about an hour after which we all headed for our destination—Sonmiani Beach. The journey of bus was itself amazing filled with rocking songs and hilarious dance moves by employees. When weather started demonstrating clemency and hooting in bus attained height, it became vivid that we had checked in to beach. The eye-catching combination of the dazzling sun, cold breeze, glistening sea and soft sand presented a resplendent view and enthralled everyone. In a meanwhile, everyone was seen involved in various activities: the sports lovers were seen playing cricket and futsal, selfie lovers were taking awesome selfies with everyone, and some found dangling their barefoot in the sea, some found fishing enjoyable with great passion. Moreover, wonderful camaraderie took place between employees and these fabulous moments were captured on camera via group pictures, selfies etc. Somewhere around midday, we all had tea, chips, drinks and other delicacies to gratify our hungry bellies. This resting time was much needed since most of us were exhausted by that time but our valuable asset Dharmindar enlivened all of us with his exhilarating guitar performance coupled by participation of almost everyone in a while. After that, lunch was served which included Chicken Biryani and fried fish. The lunch arrangement was flawless and everyone appreciated it as one of our renowned employee, Chris turned up the spice level by cooking scrumptious Chicken Tikka. After lunch, everyone went down for some last few hours to relish the cool water and the soft sand as the thirst of enjoyment was still ringing up. Since every journey has an end so do this and half-heartedly, at 4:30 pm we all packed and headed off to the journey back to where it had all started. But it was different because now we had memories to cherish, stories to share and an indelible day! Contributed by: Sehrish Shakeel Employer Branding Team (Internee) More photographs from the picnic are featured below.

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