Corporate Social Responsibility

Save Trees – Save Earth – Save Lives

May 29,2018
"Preserving the tree is an obligation for everyone without exception; one tree will absorb approximately a ton of carbon dioxide during the course of its life cycle." ~ CHAASE NGO As we all know that Trees are very essential for the healthy and content life on the earth. They play an important role all through the life of human beings and animals in various aspects. We at ibex. strive to make it a routine to teach our people about the importance of planting trees. We motivated our volunteers to join us in this noble cause on 15 May 2018 at Trail 5, Margalla Hills. The task was to perform the trail cleaning activity as well as #treetagging to educate the value of trees. We would like to thank our volunteers for their generous contributions towards save trees program and for their continuous support as without them we wouldn’t have been able to pull off such great event. Comments from participants:
  • “All arrangements were almost appropriate, good informative lecture by wildlife management board about nature parks and Margalla Hills. I enjoyed the company of all those who were nominated for the activity. Birds chirping, drinking cool spring water directly from the mountain was the best part. A four-hour activity became almost a full day activity, which ended up on gathering at the tuck shop, chitchat, spicy pakoras and tea”. Syed Noman Shakeel - SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER DBA
  • “With corporate perspective, this was a much needed activity in the city for an absolute reason, Islamabad site being a Newbie and peanut in the city’s corporate sector. It should help us reach the external community beside our efforts that is being exerted on electronic media, which in turn will bring in more talent while furnishing the goodwill of ibex. as a whole.” Syed Muhammad Akber Iqbal - Data Analyst MIS
  • “Save Trees, Save Lives” was a very good initiative taken by the IBEX branding team in collaboration with the Islamabad Wildlife Organization. This CSR activity has inculcated awareness which brings along the real importance of Trees as part of a healthier environment. Trees add to a greener environment and there is no denying that “Greenery is the evidence of Allah”. Waseem Zafar ibex – TRG Field Force
  • “Forest has a very important role to play in solving many of the environmental pollutions we now face. Cleaning activity at trail 5 was a very healthy activity. The basic purpose of this activity was to build awareness in people related to plantation of trees, fresh atmosphere & Organization role. Corporate Social Responsibility as a set of practices that organizations use to contribute to the well-being of their immediate community. We are looking forward to more of such activities in the future as well. Bravo  Employer Branding Team! Appreciated your efforts keep up the good work.” Naveed Iltaf Hoti -Training & Development Executive
  • “(The price of greatness is responsibility (Sir Winston Churchill) - I feel very happy & energetic to be part of CSR activity, which cannot be expressed in words. This activity was carried out at trail 5, Islamabad. It was a rainy day when we left office, which resulted in a very pleasant weather. In order to show our responsibility, we took garbage bags & gloves to clean the track. There at trail 5, we noticed limited garbage only. It shows that Islamabad citizens are responsible as well. I would like to thank Employer branding Team for arranging such an amazing activity and looking forward to more of such activities.” Zia-Ur-Rehman Malik - Center Lead Operations
Contributed By: Madeeha Naseem Executive - Employer Branding & Marketing

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