Corporate Social Responsibility

Donation Drive & Iftar with Stars in IBEX Karachi

August 03,2015
In around two weeks remaining for the blessed month to be over, we just took a step back from all our ongoing projects to reassess what good have we done for the community in this blessed month? The month of Ramadan is usually a very slow time in which not the highest level of productivity is attained in most organizations. However, we do things differently in IBEX Global. We believe in caring for our employees and simultaneously giving back to the society as much as we can. So it happened two weeks before Eid that we planned of designing an activity through which all our employees can join hands to make this Eid special for as many people around us as possible. Eid is an occasion that every Muslim deserves to spend with equal joy and privileges, however, some of us are not in the position to make it as grand for our families as the others. The idea of this activity was to spread happiness. At IBEX Global, one of the strengths that we are proud of is our number of employees. Considering our 2500+ employees across Pakistan, we thought if we ask our employees to contribute as much as they can, we might be able to collect something bigger than our expectation and distribute it to those who deserve it. Hence, we started our ‘Donation Drive’ on Wednesday, 8th July to Friday, 10th July 2015 in which we placed big donation boxes near the reception desk of all of our office sites. At every site, there were separate boxes placed for ‘Clothes’ for women & kids, ‘Toys’ for kids and ‘Miscellaneous items’ which included Jewelry items, Bangles, Shoes, Accessories, School Books and Bags. Each of these days, our CSR team kept a very close look at whatever items we were getting as donations, to make sure they were not damaged, torn or worn out in any way. Apart from this Donation Drive, we also planned of contributing to the society on behalf of IBEX Global by arranging a community iftar for the unprivileged. We started looking for NGOs, with shelter homes and orphanages, whose visions were aligned with our vision at IBEX Global. Hence, we decided to arrange an iftar for the unprivileged kids at SOS Village, which is a world reputed NGO. SOS takes responsibility for the children in its care till they are able to support themselves. After matriculation both boys and girls receive career counseling. Higher education is provided to those with merit and, otherwise, technical education is available. On Monday, 13th July 2015 we finally went to SOS Village, to meet with 200 kids in their shelter home and spread happiness among them. We had arranged iftar plus food for the kids. We could never imagine the peace and comfort we felt after sitting among those little kids. The way they kept holding our hands, asking us to sit with them and eat with them was just overwhelming for each one of us. We no more felt like ‘representatives of IBEX Global volunteering for a social cause’, it felt something a lot bigger and meaningful than that. It ignited inside each one of us the spark and the desire to visit these kids again because the smile of each kid was worth every effort. On our way back homes, we kept smiling to ourselves and sharing this experience with our families, planning up another visit along with them. The very next day, Tuesday, 14th July 2015 was our visit to another NGO, Saarim Burney Trust, that provides shelter homes for the orphans, mentally disabled and the elderly. We wanted to distribute whatever items we had collected through our donation drive to the Trust. We were successfully collected a lot of clothes, toys for the kids and jewelry items. Our CSR team kept a close check on all the donation items to make sure they were not torn or damaged at all. All the gifts were packed separately and handed over to the kids and women in Saarim Burney shelter homes. In the end every single effort put together to make this CSR activity a success was worth it. Every single employee of the IBEX family felt a self-fulfilling level of satisfaction as everyone together contributed to spread happiness and make this Eid special for the lesser privileged amongst us. A separate cash donation drive conducted in-house also collected a handsome amount of Eidi to be paid to each and every staff employee of IBEX. This Eid sure was special for a lot of us.

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