Corporate Social Responsibility

Beach Cleaning Drive - Team up to clean up!

June 02,2017

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed!

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) contributes to the strength of the clients of service business. The company’s corporate citizenship and social responsibility strategy prioritizes stakeholders according to the importance to the business. As a top BPO firm in Pakistan, IBEX Global utilizes its corporate responsibility strategy as a supporting approach to maintaining industry position and business sustainability. Trash at the beach is a hazard to the people as well as to the marine life since it contaminates the sea water. Litter such as cigarette butts or plastic that the beach goers usually leave behind also need to be cleared. Other trash could include anything such as glass, syringes, plastic bottles, cans, cigarettes, shells etc. Hence, to catalyze the swing of corporate social initiatives, IBEX Global flexed its muscles this time for a beach cleaning drive at Sea View Karachi. We at IBEX Global realized that because of our impetuous attitude towards dumping debris, an environmental blight has been dramatically intensified. Since it is our planet if we don’t save it then who will? We all need a slight change in our attitude and we kicked it off by setting an example starting from ourselves since we believe that move is major steps taken to enforce environment related laws and help officials heighten their sense of responsibility in protecting the environment. In this regard, on a lovely Friday morning 26th May 2017, we all volunteered for this noble cause and even outsiders manifested their interest which was positive sign of being true nature lovers. Moreover, proper stuff, including T-shirts, caps, gloves, garbage bags and dustbins arranged by management to embellish the process. Participants divided the beach in four corners and teamed up accordingly after they amassed maximum debris they could in that span of time which proved to be great source of wonderful camaraderie among team members. Additionally, flags with slogan “Team up to clean up” had been stuck to enhance the awareness of cleanliness and littering effects on beaches. Well, the terrific experience taught us not to litter on beaches and to be responsible in disposing trash, especially plastics as sea animals need to be cared about too. We hold a belief that such beach cleaning initiatives are commendable, they convey the need to conserve nature and we will continue the streak of being socially responsible in future too. We would like to thank each and every participant as without them we wouldn’t have been able to pull off such great event. It was lovely to see elite crowed all there and we value them for showing such great enthusiasm to be part of this noble cause. Contributed By: Sehrish Shakeel Employer Branding - Intern

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