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January 02,2018

A word after a word, after a word is POWER!

Coming back from a sublime bloggers session a month ago and muffling myself up with hot coffee on the same evening I found a pretty catchy statement that continued to loom around my mind for a whole day like a slo-mo flashback that we hear and speak words every day for the reason that we heavily rely on them to communicate and because of this, words play a very important role for transforming our beliefs and perception of reality. Even though we hear and speak words every day, most of us have no clue as to how powerful words are. So, in the mid of September, Something similar caught my eye as IBEX Global let its employees unleash the power of magical words through “Write for IBEX” one of the initiatives that keeps employee engagement alive. However, this initiative helps generate fresh content reflecting the true story of IBEX Global in the form of healthy competition stood out as the chief reason behind this initiative. And yes content can’t get much better than that. Additionally, the theme set for the contestants revolved around topics like BPO Industry, BPO as a career, perks of being part of BPO and their experience associated with IBEX Global. Hence, the competition officially commenced from 1st October 2017 and lasted till 25th October as quarterly based competition and in this short span of time, we received enormous participation from employees of almost all the departments and sites, which has been source of opening a novel vista for IBEX Global as participants poured all of their hearts in writing and Which shed light on the ambience and culture—that make what we call is “LIFE AT IBEX”. Besides this, all participants got timely appreciation via email circulated all around IBEX Global and the top three winners namely Zahaib Ashfaq from Comcast, Danish Khan from Recruitment and Haya Ali from Comcast, were rewarded exciting prizes and massive internal appreciation from Director and Senior Manager thereby unlocking new potential for their blogging career ahead. Being held as quarterly based competition, we are now receiving submissions for the first quarter of 2018. So don’t miss out more fascinating and inspirational blogs from our side! Keep in touch! Contributed By: Sehrish Shakeel Employer Branding Officer – PK Site

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