Work-Life Balance at IBEX Global

August 17,2015
A healthy balance between one's work and personal life gives out an overall feeling of wellbeing. Finding this balance involves monitoring your priorities in terms of family, friends, work, health and spirit. Maintaining this balance is key to an individual's social and professional welfare. Any individual, who finds life to be constantly tied to and stressed out by his or her job, is more likely to suffer from health related problems, absenteeism, decreased efficiency and is, overall, difficult to work with. Even the highest of salaries and the most promising career opportunities are of little use if your private life suffers as a result of too much work. We, here at IBEX Global, understand the importance of finding balance between work and life, since it is directly related to mental & physical health of our employees, as well as productivity of our organization. What really matters is not only performance but also the well-being of the employees. If work and life are left poorly balanced, it will not only hamper a professional's ability to harmonize work and family life but will also lead to health risks, such as increased smoking, weight gain and depression. Therefore, great emphasis is laid upon making the work and work place, as comfortable and recreational as possible. As you scroll further down, you will learn how IBEX Global makes sure that its employees are not only happy with their jobs, but also enjoy very fulfilling lives. Time is of the Essence As soon as you start working at IBEX Global, Time Management becomes part of your basic training. So as IBEX Global employees, you are taught and allowed to find time for leisurely activities not only after, but also during work hours. This includes managing your work time to complete all and any tasks at hand, as well as integrate and socialize with co-workers while being able to make time for breaks and recreational activities such as indoor games etc. Better time management will benefit all; you will be working less and producing more. Management and senior staff members, also arrange special counseling sessions for employees having difficulty coping with time management. Work, Life and Fun - Graph | IBEX GLOBAL Enjoy the Rest of Your Day Having a balance between work and home life can be a challenge. But this is not the case for people working under the umbrella of IBEX Global. This is only possible due to our 'No homework' policy. We want our dedicated employees to leave their work/job related concerns and worries, at the work place, so their family and friends can enjoy their undivided attention at home. Game On! As an IBEX Global employee, you are always encouraged towards sports, irrespective of your gender or age. We strongly believe that taking part in any and all kinds of sports, helps in an individual's character building and professional growth. Playing team sports enables you to perform as part of a team and to understand your assigned role(s). You get to comprehend the fact that your actions and decisions have consequences, for everyone involved. Solely to promote sporting activities, yearly and quarterly Inter-Departmental Tournaments are held at the company's expense. The sports played in these tournaments include Football, Cricket and Hockey etc. Proper coaching and training is also provided to employees seeking a professional career in sports. Comrade Support Another interesting IBEX Global policy which provides great advantage to its employees would be the 'Shift Swap' option. We don't want your work to come in the way of your life. In case you are needed elsewhere on a work day or if there is some urgency at home, you don't need to be worried. You do not even need to look to your boss for a day off. Just ask one of your colleagues to do you a favor and cover you for that shift, which can be returned at any given time. This particular practice automatically forms a bond amongst the entire workforce, as workers are able to rely on one another, in time of need. On a day to day basis, this also helps employees with polishing their Personal Relations building skills, as they are aware that they will require support which can be expected from anyone of their peers.

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