Which Career Path Fits You Right?

September 15,2020
With the ever-changing world and thousands of career options, it is easy to get lost while choosing one. You want a career that pays good money; one that you are passionate about, which may have the potential to evolve into something much greater overtime. It is a lot to take in, we know. That is why we are here to help you figure it out! We understand that there may be many questions running through your head regarding which career path to take, so let’s condense it all down to only five questions. This way you won’t be clustered with second-thoughts, and instead everything will start to fall into place:
  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. What kind of lifestyle suits your personality?
  3. What does wealth mean to you?
  4. Can you afford to be what you want to be?
  5. Does your chosen career have room to grow?
What are you passionate about? We know it sounds cliché but what you are passionate about is what will make you happy in a chosen career. Someone whose interests lie in arts and music may pursue a different career path but not be truly happy with it, despite being successful and wealthy. For people who are happy in their professional and everyday life, money starts to lose its value. This is why not all millionaires are satisfied with life. List down the things that you like doing and work onwards with that. What kind of lifestyle suits your personality? Although this may not sound right while choosing a career path but trust us it does matter. A lot. Now that you have your list of passions in hand, ask yourself what kind of personality describes you. Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Do you like living a fast paced life or a life where you want to stop and reflect on small happiness? In your free time, do you like giving back to the community or hanging out with friends and family? Introverted people thrive better in research and data analyst roles. Whereas for extroverts, busy sales offices, customer service centers or public speaking may sound better. Likewise, people who like doing social work can stay happy in a job that does just that even if it pays less. All these factors can weigh up or down any career that you choose. What does wealth mean to you? Again, this might sound cliché but ask yourself what having wealth means to you. What do you think makes a person rich? The answer varies from person to person; some believe that having millions in the bank implies wealth, while for others, wealth simply means living their best life with no limitations. Whatever belief you hold, you need to evaluate your list of passions and determine a career path that would ultimately lead you to your version of wealthy. Can you afford to be what you want to be? This is a question that most of us ask ourselves every day. Can you afford to be an entrepreneur? Can you afford to study in the best university to become an architect? Before any of that happens though, you need to choose a career that you are passionate about and one that is easily accessible to you. In Pakistan, not every student gets to have the luxury of studying in well-known institutes, but that does not mean you cannot study what you want. There are many career paths that don’t require an academic degree, like being a fantastic fashion designer or an amazing public speaker, or even a successful customer service representative. If passion is what drives you towards success, then we believe making a career out of it is not only possible but also has the potential to make your livelihood more successful and happy. Does your chosen career have room to grow? Right, so you have compared your list of passions to all the factors above. Now, you are left with choosing a career path that would suit your personality and is surely going to make you wealthy and successful. Let’s talk about career growth! Although this might seem like a far-fetched contemplation that may not need your attention right now, but believe us, it does. You don’t want to study and train hard to become a financial analyst only to discover 10 years down the road that your chosen career has now become obsolete. Realistically, you wouldn’t want to run into a burning building, would you? The Occupational Outlook Handbook says there are 1.25 million software developing jobs. This figure is estimated to increase by 24% in the next 10 years (Much faster than average). So, before you come to a final decision, make sure to Google the list of jobs that will no longer be in human hands in the coming times or jobs that can be automated. It is recommended to choose a career that requires critical thinking and absolute human involvement to cover the tasks. Conclusion Well, here we arrive at the end of your list. Now you might have only a few options left but those few choices are vital in helping you sustain a career path that you both enjoy and become successful in. Deciding on what you want your future to be can be overwhelming, which is why this list focuses more on your wants and needs rather than focusing on what the world has to offer. Allow us to help out again and tell you about ibex Pakistan; maybe the right career path you’re looking for might just be there! Visit our career page to learn more about the many job opportunities that await you.

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