Using Technology to Engage With your Customer's Senses

September 30,2020
Customer experience (also known as CX) is the new arena in the business world and technology has completely changed the way we live! Customers are only interested to interact with those brands who can offer them wholesome experience. So how can a brand engage with their customers and give them what they need? By simply involving their 5 senses. Brands have been using this marketing tactic since a long time but engaging customer’s senses with the help of technology can be a bit tricky; it can either take your brand to the next level or it can totally go against your favor. According to a study by Harvard Business School: about 80% of newly launched products fail each year.   Let’s discuss how brands have been using technology to engage with their customer’s senses. Touch We all are familiar with the kind of change touch screen phones brought into our lives. The iPhone took the market by storm. When Apple first came up with this strategy, people were comfortable with keyboard phones; Blackberry was the king of luxury phones at that time but it was a revolutionary and a much-needed change as audience’s tastes are constantly evolving. They now chose comfort and convenience over price and so, preferred to have more comfortable-to-touch devices, hence, keyboard phones needed to go for good. Smell Smell in humans is stronger than we think. 75% of feelings formed each day are due to smell, and because of this, we are 100 times more likely to recall it. In such a digitally advanced era, smell is still the one thing that can’t be experienced via screen, but you can highlight the other significant part of your brand. If you are promoting a spa business, then you can show how relaxing the experience is, how good the ambience is, and how aromatic the place is. Brands need to understand what type of smell works for them. For example, Starbucks figured out that hiding the smell of the food prepared in-house would not be effective as people are there to enjoy the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Sight Sight is typically the easiest out of all senses. Customers can rapidly spot logos and colors which are unique and have an eye-catching quality. Using pictures in advertisements is an incredible method to instantly grab customer’s senses. On the other hand, brands are now moving forward and using the combination of sound and sight in their advertisements to form an emotion based relationship in which they are deeply connected with the customers. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) indicates that customers only use emotions while shopping rather than using information to get better products. Hearing People connect with sound on a different level. They find satisfaction in the sound of soap being cut into cubes and without further ado, let’s talk about ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). The delightful tingling starts up in the scalp and then make its way through the body. As an outcome, it can trigger a feeling of relaxation before sleep time, which can help you overcome insomnia. ASMR has taken the internet by storm through instantly engaging with its viewer’s senses. It is a new favorite marketing strategy of some well-known brands.  ASMR ‘mukbang’ is a virtual audiovisual transmission in which a person eats large amount of food while interacting with the audiences. What do the audiences get from watching and hearing them eat? Apparently, the crunchy and slurpy sound is satisfying their food cravings while dieting, odd right? But it is a top trend in the market at the moment.   Taste The taste of the food depends upon the quality of your picture. The trend of ordering food online is quite old, but it has garnered even more attention since COVID-19. People do not prefer to dine out as they prefer to stay in and order or they would rather go out to a drive-thru and grab a bite in their cars. During the lock down many big restaurants were shut down and it gave way to small businesses. They, with their unique and tempting pictures, lured customers to order from them as people were tired of cooking and needed to satisfy their taste buds in the comfort and safety of their homes. Hence, they started ordering food online just by going through the tempting pictures and videos of the food. Conclusion Audience’s interests are changing with each passing day. Using unique ways to engage with your customers’ senses is mandatory to stay relevant in the market but it also depends on how you are using it as technology is power now and it has completely changed the dynamics of the marketplace. This is the reason brands invest so much energy and cash on figuring out what kind of sensory prompts they should use to deliver an impactful and compelling message.     Syeda Kanza Ali Officer, Employer Branding ibex. Pakistan

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