Up, Close, and Personal with Hashim Khan

May 13,2022
How many times do we really get to know our Senior Management? ibexians work with them every day, they know them in and out, but it's time for the world to discover the minds behind ibex. Let us introduce you to the man who has been with ibex. since its inception and defined the true work standards of the BPO industry – Hashim Khan, Senior Director, Domestic, Operations!
  1. What excites you the most about the BPO industry?

The unpredictability! There is never a dull day as there is always some activity that keeps you on your toes. We are also on the cusp of a digital revolution in the industry with a very strong desire for automation resulting in a big shift as to how we will work in the future. While it will certainly be challenging, it also presents an excellent opportunity and new lines of business for us.

  1. “Your speed doesn’t matter. Forward is forward” Do you agree with the phrase? –

Very situational. In our industry, most certainly, speed is important in terms of proactivity and identifying opportunities with partners. Coupled with leaps in technology, how people do business is changing very frequently, and you must pace yourself accordingly. Chaotic short-term ‘forward’ on the other hand could result in derailment as well if it is not planned and accounted for appropriately, so there is a need to be balanced if you do not want to end up self-combusting!

  1. You have been with ibex. since its inception. What changes did you see during the journey?

Far too many to effectively list down. Starting out from a pool of 50 people in Lahore servicing Lego over 20 years ago to being over 6000 employees in Pakistan is phenomenal growth in the private sector. We have seen many transformations from a technology perspective and even our own contact center work i.e. shifting from a more outbound sales mix to a predominantly inbound setup. We have serviced and continue to expand in new lines of business. We experienced explosive growth through Virtual World, practically dominating the domestic market. The journey over the last 20 years from a small setup to being the leading outsourcing provider in Pakistan would not have been possible without the contributions of each and every single employee and willingness to change with us.

  1. What is the best part of your job?

Without a doubt, it is the thrill and satisfaction of being part of an effort that helps generate jobs and people's livelihoods. It is the single most important reason why I have been here for so long and continue to love doing what I do!

  1. What is the hardest part of your job? 

Given the nature of our business, the hardest part is always seeing a program downsize or wrap up, leading to a reduction in the workforce. We always make it our top priority to adjust as many people as we can but sometimes (thankfully, very rarely). We are unable to do so. That is by far the hardest part of the job.

  1. What's more difficult fatherhood or leadership?

Being a parent is by far the most difficult job in the world but it is also the most rewarding.

  1. What is your idea of a relaxing day?

If I’m not goofing off with my kids, I enjoy playing video games (sadly, not as much as I used to). I also love spending time building Lego Technic sets – and yes, I play with them too! While I make a conscious effort to disconnect every few hours and spend time talking or catching up with people at work.

  1. If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

Definitely being able to fly!

  1. What is it that you want to learn?

I’m reasonably creative and have always wanted to learn how to draw! My current drawing capability is the stuff of nightmares!

  1. Describe yourself in a hashtag?


  1. What was the last TV series you watched? 

Mare of Easttown, which I thought was brilliant!

  1. What is your most cherished memory?

The moment I became a parent. It was one of the most surreal experiences that I do not think can ever be replicated.

  1. Do you have travel essentials? 

It would have to be music and my trusty Nintendo Switch!

  1. What are the top things on your bucket list?

A world tour, going to space (closer than you might think! Go Go Elon Musk & SpaceX!!) & writing a book.

  1. If you were given a free airline ticket to anywhere in the world, what place would you choose?

Prague for all the culture and art

  1. What would you like to be remembered for? 

I would best like to be remembered as someone who was passionate about always ensuring that our business continued to grow and for someone who always prioritized grooming team members for the next level.

  1. One thing that you never get tired of. 

I would probably say video games! I’ve been gaming for over 35 years and I am just as fascinated with games today as when I was a toddler. The level of detail and how immersive they have become is absolutely staggering. If I did not love my life at Ibex so much, I would very much have been involved with the industry in some shape or form.

  1. List the things you prefer in life: 
  • Thrilling & Exciting life Experiences or Calculated & Planned moves
  • Number Game or Creativity
  • Quantity or Quality
  • Steaming Hot Tea or A cup of Cold Coffee
  • Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate
  • Sky Diving or Parasailing
  • A Movie Night or A Dine Out
  • Lots of sleep or Lots of Money – Both please!!
  • Vintage or New
  • Window or Aisle seat
  • Summer or Winter
  • Stairs or Elevator

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