The Women-Savvy Future

April 28,2022
We can never underestimate the power of a woman because it is SHE who can bring life to the earth and have the strength to change the destiny. We all have been a part of some preconceived notions as children. It's either a thought where it's considered that women won’t be able to manage their family and work-life. OR, the tech environment is not conducive or appealing enough for women. We can go on and on about this and still would be left with a long list.   Let's talk the talk! Pakistan has experienced a technological revolution in recent years, with its IT sector experiencing mass growth. Technology plays an essential role in driving societal shifts. The industry has been perceived as biased toward one gender for quite some time. It took us a while to get out of this notion and equally consider these factors for all genders. The truth is that every career requires compromise and finding an appropriate work/life balance meaning that a career in ICT isn’t different for ANYONE. It can be revolutionary when we can bring an amalgamation of things like good time management skills, a positive mindset, determination, and balance to this world. Female Representation in the IT sector: In recent times more and more female leaders, not only in the ICT world but also in other industries are emerging. They aim to become whatever they want to be and work in many different industries. Today’s women are no longer just committed and limited to their respective roles. Now, women are building their careers in the ICT industry and striving for management/leadership positions. They are making waves in the information communication and technology industry and are no longer limited to just using it. These innovators must continue to accelerate, innovate, and advance the next wave of digital growth with the help of tech-related platforms. Despite the gender gap in the ICT, many brilliant women have made invaluable contributions to the world of science and technology. The world’s largest startup platform, She Loves Tech, offers female entrepreneurs the possibility to chip in their startup ideas, get some brain from mentors, and take their startups to the next level by making the ideas sparkle. The platform works with some of the great names in the IT industry to provide tactical resources to the best entrepreneurs. It has changed the lives of more than 25,000 women across Pakistan by inspiring them toward tech entrepreneurship. One of the names that appear in our mind is Kalsoom Lakhani, the founder, and CEO of “Invest2Innovate”, a social venture that advocates support for seed-stage social enterprises and provides them access to capital in new markets. Hafsa Shorish, Plan9’s offshoot accelerator program “PlanX” was established to support the mid-stage startups and is another landmark in flourishing the tech culture. Arusha Imtiaz is the co-founder of edtech startup “MySmacEd”, a communication platform that enables real-time sharing between parents, teachers, students, and administrators. These opportunities allow people to step up their tech expertise and reform them for better use. The Rise of Women in Tech: Today on International Girls in ICT Day, our central thought is to effectively contribute to a new technological culture among young women. Develop the awareness of public opinion regarding the urgency to direct girls into these fields of study and subsequent careers. Time is changing as more and more women, and men are interested in building the tech nest of their own. At ibex. we are committed to equality and have many young talented women working in the CX and IT sectors. Our priority is to encourage & built female representations in the leadership role and ensure that our talent is a future fit for every character, be it STEM subjects or Liberal arts. We believe in developing female leaders to set us apart in the industry.   Sumeyya Chughtai Officer Employer Branding ibex. Pakistan

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