Talented Employee – Yasir Anwar

February 19,2016
“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you” – Oprah Winfrey IBEX Global is proud to have such a talented employee within its family. Someone who apart from carrying out his corporate responsibilities in a dedicated manner, enjoys and lives life to the fullest! Meet Yasir Anwar; an HR Business Analyst in IBEX Global. Or if not you are always welcome to catch him live every weekend on Radio Active 96 on the show “Apna Gaana Khud Bajao” where he captures the attention of thousands of listeners. Yasir Anwar has been with the company for a decade. He joined as a Customer Support Executive and over the years has progressed along the career path. At present he is involved in the Human Resources function where he is responsible for Recruitment, Training, implementation of HR Processes and ensuring effective delivery of all HR components both strategic and operational through various HR Units. In the corporate world maintaining work life balance is hard, Yasir is able to handle that plus give sufficient time to his passion. In response to a question regarding how he manages his family, work and passion he replies, “Where there is a will, there is a way; it is all about your passion. Radio is something I love doing and it keeps me energetic and on my toes, yes I do sacrifice my hangout sessions with friends so that my family life doesn’t get hurt” In a question about how he became an RJ, Yasir responded that he always felt that he always loved talking. He enjoyed interacting with different people on a daily basis and that is what actually motivated him to appear on the radio. Apart from that, his friends also suggested that he ought to give a shot at being an RJ. And then it happened that fate met opportunity. Back in 2011 while driving his car, Yasir heard an announcement that one of the radio channels was looking for a Radio Jockey. He noted their number down and called them to show his interest. Later he got a call for an audition and immediately got an offer to co-host a show with an experienced RJ. And from that moment onwards, there was no turning back. “My current show is a request based show where listeners can listen to their choice of music, they can either call me or message me saying what they would like to listen to and I play their requests. Plus I share updates like what’s happening in sports world, entertainment, and showbiz” Effective communication skills and confidence is what has made Yasir’s name in the Radio World. And the best thing about this is that it helps him in his job too. Being a Human Resource Professional he has to possess those in order to excel at his work. So a win-win situation for Yasir!

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