Strive For Excellence, Not Success!

October 20,2021
As individuals, we are constantly expected to be at the top of our game, to be flawless, and to achieve success in every aspect of our lives; acknowledging and learning from setbacks sounds overly simplistic. In our rush to acquire the finest scores and get full marks, we often disregard our own development. University is more than getting just a degree, it's also a great opportunity to help students gain a better sense of what they want to pursue. The majority of the students find themselves lost in the first two years of university, they find it extremely difficult to find a direction. Some feel the void of not knowing their future even after getting enrolled in big institutions. At this point, if they try to explore their potential to the fullest, excellence is guaranteed. In today's time, students are taught to envision the world from a set angle; they are constantly coerced to go after grades. What they are not told is that earning a decent grade is not only a matter of knowledge or intelligence, but, it's a composite of knowledge, skills, and personality traits. This is where SCORE comes into play, a program that focuses on three important elements in one's life that will be helping them to ACE-IT in the market – Attitude, Competence & Exposure! ATTITUDE Retaining the right attitude throughout your life is essential! One must always focus on a few things: A belief that there is always an opportunity for progress and learning and that there is no end to it. One should believe that true self-care involves learning from one's mistakes and making amends. This involves having the mindset of always being prepared for it, offering apologies when necessary, and making the best out of it. COMPETENCE Students nowadays only rely on what they learn from their institutions, ignoring the new opportunities that come their way. They need to understand that the job market nowadays, is very saturated, especially after the disastrous effects of Covid-19. In such times, students should focus ten times harder on working on their competence. They need to not just enhance their skills, but also identify the skills that will make them stand out from the crowd. They need to learn new skills, work in new places, and gain new experiences so that when they look for a job, their employer could distinguish them from the pack. Effective communication is the key to success, to be a leader, one needs to be a good communicator. Thus, students should aim for getting jobs or internships in those organizations that will help them achieve all this, and help them bring out a better version of themselves. EXPOSURE Words cannot express how crucial exposure is. It is true that people succeed in life as a result of what they learn and, more importantly, put it into practice. Exposure not only helps you understand, learn, and unlearn patterns, but it also gives you a sense of direction, which you can only get by experiencing it for yourself. To gain actual exposure, one must go out and engage with others, have profound talks about life, travel, and read widely. While it's true that you learn more from real-life experiences than from 14 years of education, the things you learn from proper exposure are priceless, which no school can teach you. Hence, one should strive for excellence, not success! ibex. and School of Leadership has taken an initiative to serve the youth of this country by giving them training and enhancing their skill set, through our program SCORE. Our focus is to work on the personality development of the individuals and help them explore their full potential through the opportunities we will be providing them with; in our boot camps. Here’s a catch! You can put all that you’ve learned through SCORE to practice if you get hired in our Customer Services Department; four-month contractual employment will be offered to students so that they can manage their studies along with work. It's an amazing opportunity to self-examine yourself so hurry up and apply! This is just our way of providing support to the younger generation whom we believe are the seeds to a fruitful future of this country.   Marium Raees Intern - Employer Branding ibex. Pakistan

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