Night Shifts & ibex.

May 12,2022
It never occurred to me that attending a volunteering opportunity at my university would re-direct and transform my professional journey in ways I had never imagined. Back in October 2021, as a BBA student at Iqra University, I decided to pursue a three-day Bootcamp of SCORE - ACE-IT powered by ibex. During those three days, via a meet-and-greet session, ibex. saw the potential in me and approached me for a possible interview opportunity for one of their leading clients. Oh boy, the interview was intense, with multiple rounds in the process running different scenario-based role-play situations and simulations. My previous work experience spanning 4-5 years and industry knowledge helped me A LOT during the whole process, which contributed heavily towards my selection at ibex.   Let us go on this JOURNEY! I began my journey with a 90-day seasonal opportunity at ibex. in October 2021. It was for a major Fortune 500 client and required handling customer queries and resolutions, full throttle of a client-facing role. :D For the first 2-weeks, we were exposed to an intensive training period that surrounded software and technical skillset development as well as deep-dive elaboration on implementing soft skills and sound clarity in communication. It was challenging as every customer query was different, every customer was different, and their pain points as well, but I always look forward to challenging myself & step out of my comfort zone. The call volumes were intense, and a challenge was to make sure we stayed within the campaign’s set KPIs. The biggest learning for me in this campaign; was how to effectively deal with ambiguity and have a patient- solution-oriented mindset. (A PLUS PLUS for each and every individual) The 90-day campaign was intense, and I did give my 100% even though there were a few areas of opportunity that I could have overcome, but as they all is when end is well. After successfully completing this role, I was offered an even better opportunity within ibex. for another US-based client which I am currently a part of. The dedication and hard work does pay off, and it helped me become a part of a very interesting industry, client, and corporate culture. The learning is phenomenal, and it has really helped me develop my interpersonal skills.   Breaking Gender Stereotypes! From a societal point of view, the general opinion regarding these night shifts is not very promising. My family, at times, also shows reluctance; but I make sure to enlighten them about the facilities that my company is providing for my safety and convenience. It is about time that we stop showing hesitance towards this thing for women and start working on our environment. The responsibility lies on our shoulders as a society to make sure that we empower our women and collectively improve our environment for them. Unfortunately, this is something that is going to take some time to become a norm overall in our society, but I am looking forward to the day. There are pre-conceived notions and biases regarding this, even down to the fact that it is gender-stereotyped, not safe or appropriate for girls to work at night. I can only quote my personal example and experience. Yes, the night shifts could get tough! Yes, they are intense, and yes, you do have to compromise a lot, but the same goes for day jobs. Hustle requires work, and when you are getting a safe & secure environment in a company like ibex., then one should not disregard the learnings and growth this company can provide. I have seen myself professionally grow over the years, and I have been able to simultaneously complete my education during the day with a job during the night. How about that? :D   A take away! My experience so far has been phenomenal. It has allowed me to become a far more well-rounded individual. Hence, my only recommendation would be to always take a flavor of something new as you never know where it will take you next. No job is ever easy, and every industry is different. Being open-minded to new opportunities and experiences will develop skill sets that would give you an ROI far greater than you could ever fathom. Always say yes to opportunities, and if you get a “NO”, it only means that a “Next Opportunity” awaits!   Arisha Asghar Client Service Representative

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