October 03,2017


Searching and attracting the right talent is core responsibility of Talent Acquisition Department. In context to this, Fiscal Year 2017 has already proven to be yet another accomplishing year for the Team. Clientele Profile witnessed new additions, which show the growing trust of business fraternity on IBEX. The branding and recruiting activities have stepped up a couple of notches as competition intensifies. All of which is great news for a sector that is gradually edging its way closer towards the expectations of our valuable clients. Our recruiters personify IBEX Global because humans trust humans more than brands. IBEX Talent Acquisition Team understands how modern Talent driven market works and how they can break the clatter from other recruiters and shine as much as they can in the applicant’s eyes to make a worthwhile candidate experience through exhibition of honesty, integrity and timely follow-through. IBEX Global is leading BPO firm of Pakistan, having an appealing brand that is marketed through different channels ensuring impressive presence at social media, working societies, universities etc. Our recruiters believe in staying ahead of the game when it comes to incorporating best practices in Recruitment process in order to meet expectations of our clients— Local and International both. We can say proudly that our Talent Acquisition team is highly skilled and is hiring a right candidate for a right position. Moreover, regular training sessions are also conducted to polish the skills of Talent Acquisition team. Anyone who is interested in Talent Acquisition or would like to learn more about the Talent Acquisition process, will be guided under IBEX Learning Academy (ILA)—Karachi Chapter. This forum will provide the interested candidates an opportunity to view their career progression in IBEX Global from a recruiter’s perspective. Contributed By: Irfan Uz Zaman - Senior Manager Talent Acquisition Sehrish Shakeel - Recruitment Marketing Officer

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