Long Term Employee – Fahad Subzwari

November 19,2016
For Fahad, it’s been a long, self-evolving journey, which we have condensed into a few hundred words for others to read. For him it has been life changing and for us, as readers, it’s extremely inspiring. Learning is an infinite process for anyone who steps in through the all-welcoming doors of this company. Reminiscing back in those days, Fahad said; ‘It was one fine day, back in 2005, that I decided to attend a seminar arranged by TRG in Marriott Hotel. Although back in those days, TRG had just recently started its operations in Karachi, the career path seemed quite promising! That seminar I will remember forever, because I was coming from management positions after spending 4 years in the US corporate sector and was still not very sure about how far I would go in a contact center in PK. However the speaker in that seminar proved to be successful in showing me the positive side.’ The vision of TRG in those days was of a company trying to grow Pakistan, ‘I kind of felt at home, the environment suited the kind of environment I came from’, said Fahad. The first question that strikes all of us when we start our career at a new place is regarding career progression and that’s exactly what Fahad was concerned with during his selection process. The TRG’s HR Head helped him see the positive side of joining a company belonging to a relatively infant industry. ‘I still have the same faith in TRG that I had in the company back then’. For Fahad, TRG was suited for anyone who is adventurous and daring. Fahad joined as a CSE in the starting batches of the International wing. From then onwards, it was a journey which knew no obstacles or hindrances. His direction was clear, his vision was set firm from day one, which has brought him the long way to where he’s standing today. 3 months after his joining, he was promoted as Team Lead (Sup), going further to be promoted as ‘Assistant Manager’ in 2007, and then ‘Manager Operations’ just a year later, and within the same year he was promoted yet again as a Senior Manager. The year of 2015 was quite eventful as it gave TRG a new Director Operations Support in its already valued asset, Fahad Subzwari. The best thing about TRG in Fahad’s opinion is ‘People Management’, ‘empowerment’ and ‘learning’, which made him invest his long-term career path with this company… ‘ Always felt hadn’t mastered it yet, no industry can beat it better than contact center.’ For new career starters, Fahad’s advice is to ‘ASSESS’… ‘if you’re not in something that you love then look for other options’. He said, the aim is to now find the next generation of leaders who can think better, innovate and take charge. When we asked Fahad what ‘Success’ is to him, he said with a quote: ‘Luck is when preparation meets opportunity’. - Danya Riaz Qureshi Recruitment Marketing Strategist IBEX Global

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