International Charity Day

September 04,2020
On this Charity day, we take a look at educational institutes that aim to set high educational standards for the less fortunate. Deaf Reach is a non-profit educational organization focused on bringing education to the deaf children of Pakistan. Active since 1984, Deaf Reach aims to change the notion that deaf people are ‘disabled’; stating that deaf people are equally as smart, intelligent, and capable of doing anything, just like the rest of us. They are focused on changing the reality that only 5 percent of 1 million deaf children have access to education in Pakistan. Through using effective communication and educational tools to best educate its students, Deaf Reach has quickly become an exemplary institution where exposure to education is top priority. We at ibex. partnered up with Deaf Reach to help magnify the aims and objectives by offering 50 workstations for better excess to education. With the current pandemic tarnishing access to educational institutes, ibex. has made it a prime goal to offer help through technological tools in order to help the children of today. Let us come together and count our blessings and make sure we take care of those in our community who need help and sincerity. Let us build a social bond and contribute to a stronger and more able community through acts of kinds and charity.  

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