ibex. takes a step forward for women with talent at hand!

July 03,2020
Balancing work and life has always been a dilemma for women across the globe, and that is the reason many females back off from pursuing their career interests because they are bound to fulfil family commitments. Above that, a society’s paradigm of an ideal woman has always been of a caregiver and homemaker. Usually, many companies prefer full-time jobs for everyone, and that is one of the main reasons why they fail to maintain an inclusive and flexible culture. But who knew the pandemic could have the power to set a new norm in the corporate world. As per a research, at the beginning of the pandemic, by Seyfarth, a law firm, reveals that 67% respondents from 550 U.S companies were taking steps to allow employees to work from home and 36% were already encouraging employees to do so. No wonder the new norm turned out to be a golden opportunity for every woman, including a woman with a baby in tow, a struggling homemaker, a committed housewife, and many others. Like every company, ibex took it as an opportunity to make the new norm stay – it set out to initiate a golden opportunity of “work from home” for women out there, who are looking forward to seizing a flexible career interest. The program, Work at Home (WAH) is an opportunity for women to utilize their talent, remaining efficient and maintaining a balance between work, home and personal life. The women-exclusive opportunity is one-of-its-kind to be independent, productive and earn for a better lifestyle. Are you excited for this great opportunity? Share your CV at or head over to our Facebook page for more details.

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