How Gamification is Revolutionizing the Recruitment Process

January 06,2021
Traditional recruitment methods have become a tedious and time-consuming task and many companies are facing challenges because of it. Candidates opt out of applying for jobs once they see just how long and boring the application process would be, and studies show that job interviews hold a degree of unconscious bias and employers sometimes fail to identify strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. The accuracy and efficiency is also being tested as employers cannot hold the same quality of evaluation through hundreds of CVs coming through. But with the innovation of gamified recruitment, such problems are non-existent.   More and more companies are now turning to this tool in order to make the process a lot more efficient and accurate. Gamified assessments are being utilized to evaluate candidates’ personality traits and determine their strengths and weaknesses for a certain position as well as test their existing skills and abilities. With all the hefty evaluations, the candidate’s experience does not get dulled out, but instead only gets better as there are no boring elements throughout the recruitment process - which is a win-win for the company and the candidate!   Gamified recruitment is helping companies as well as applicants save valuable time and money. Let’s discuss some of the other benefits it has to offer.  
  1. Obtain Actual Insights of each Candidate
With the traditional hiring process, candidates may go through unwanted emotions such as anxiety or fright right before their interview or assessment. This could potentially block out a suitable candidate for the job. Other times, the recruitment team could pass on the hiring of a legitimate candidate based on the fact that their CV or portfolio not being up to par. This creates a flaw within the hiring process and allows for further error in the workforce. But by introducing gamified recruitment, candidates are more likely to demonstrate their skills and talent in a relaxed environment, away from any anxiety or rush. This only further helps the company to evaluate each candidate’s true potential.  
  1. Build a Positive Brand Image
Due to the customizability aspect of the gamified recruitment system, it has helped companies with obtaining better engagements, building a better brand image and designing the recruitment game to best suit the company’s hiring criteria while still keeping the hiring process fun and enjoyable for the candidates.
  1. Attract the Newer Generation
Now that the world has settled onto becoming more digitized, more and more people are focused on spending their time on the internet - which means lots of potential candidates need to be targeted through the internet medium. In order to attract maximum talent, gamified recruitment comes into play to engage with such individuals and retain their attention in order to reel them in. To stay ahead in the game and garner the best workforce, it is imperative for companies to invest in the latest technological tool so that they can ensure that hiring is done perfectly and without any hindrance.  
  1. Create a Diversified Workforce
When hiring talent for a single job position, it could easily become a very tedious and repetitive task to sift through hundreds of CVs in one sitting. Many times, due to excess CVs, companies are unable to handle the count and resort to choosing a candidate from just a handful of CVs. This obviously creates a big divide and does not ensure fairness and efficiency. But with gamified recruitment, companies can easily attract potential candidates without having to do much of the work. Gamification in the recruitment process serves as a talent-finding tool, wherein candidates find you rather than you finding them. People from any part of the world could find the job and apply and this creates a diverse talent pool which could be beneficial for the company.  
  1. Promote Equal Opportunity for All
One cannot determine the true potential of every candidate that walks through the door, and the same goes for recruitment teams. With so many job applications, companies run the risk of overlooking strong candidates. A suitable candidate could prove to be beneficial for the company but may not have enough experience, which could serve as a redflag for some companies. Similarly, an unsuitable candidate could prove to be a benefit for the company by simply showing enough experience. This could create a very unhealthy and biased hiring process and cost the company in the long run. In fact, traditional means of hiring are seen as biased and unfair. But with gamified recruitment, the evaluation and assessment of a candidate is solely based on their skills and abilities instead of their age, sex, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, etc. With the new gamified recruitment tool, companies can prevent any bias and promote a more healthier workforce all-around.   Conclusion With all the benefits and innovation gamified recruitment has brought, ibex. has also gotten on-board with it and has seen a major turn-around in the hiring process as well as the new talent garnered by it. In the future, it will only get better and more effective. If you want to try your hand at playing our new recruitment game, give it a go and see how easy and efficient the hiring process really is! We know you’ll have a fun time playing as well, so good luck!     Javeria Shoaib Officer, Employer Branding ibex. Pakistan

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