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April 12,2022
Heard a lot about our interviews, and wondering what we have in store for you? We understand that job interviews can be daunting, but they don't have to be if you know how to put your best foot forward and EXCEL! Come along, and we could be able to help you do just that for yourself, especially in our final round of interviews at ibex. with our recruiters! First things first! Understand what ibex. is and what work do we do. This piece of information would not only show you the way forward, and your interview could rule in your favor. In hindsight, if you want to learn more about ibex., then explore. Now without further ado, let's help you get into the world of CX. Attitude & Positive Mindset: A good attitude and positive mindset could get you a long way. Always remember when you are applying for a customer service job, the primary thing that a recruiter is looking for is how persuasive you are as an individual. Customer service is all about catering to the needs of your customers and maintaining your cool during challenging situations. Hence, demonstrate a can-do attitude during the whole process and show humbleness in your answers. Think of your recruiter as your most valuable customer, and answer his queries with just the right amount of confidence. Moreover, our recruiter keeps a sharp eye on an individual’s attitude & appearance. They do not want to see a laid-back attitude of a candidate who is neither respecting the recruiter nor dressed properly for a formal setting. Commitment If you are smashing your answers in your interview with ibex. but cannot show commitment to the job, then all your efforts are going in vain. When you are applying for a job, ibex. not only expects you to have all the right expertise, but it also expects you to stay with them for the long run. We offer permanent positions with perks and benefits that are exclusively for our permanent employees. Mindfulness We all react to interviews in different ways, but it's important to show conviction during the interview. We are all for knowing about your best experiences and extended expertise. It is important for you to stay mindful during conversations, listen, and pay attention to the interviewer. However, your non-verbal skills play a ginormous role and can prove you a dark horse in front of your recruiter. Ease up your posture & RELAX. Communication Skills Look how far we have come! Now this section is easy peasy lemon squeezy. You already know the drill that communication skills are the main player for this customer service job, so knock your socks off during the interview. A piece of information, we offer multiple jobs in our international programs, and each opportunity has a different requirement for English language skills. After your interview, we make sure to offer you a place that best suits your English language expertise.   Our Recruiter’s POV: While customer service mindset and communication skills are the most valuable players in this whole scenario, we also understand the dynamics of interviews, and we get it that sometimes it can take a toll on your mental health. That is why our recruiters leave no stones unturned to make you feel at home. We follow a strategy to gauge different skills of our potential candidates by asking them easy questions such as having a discussion over their favorite movie or coming on the common ground over a topic of mutual interest. Now, the candidate and the recruiter have built a good rapport, but it is still an interview, and the recruiter is still analyzing you. The most common mistake candidates pull during interviews is getting too friendly and personal. ibexians are friendly folks, but they also keep an eye for a hawk. They are doing their job by making you feel at home so that you are able to deliver. Don't forget this part in your interview, stay professional & friendly.   Syeda Kanza Ali Employer Branding & Communications ibex. Pakistan

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