Google and Alphabet: What does it all mean?

August 18,2015
Ever since desktops connected to an internet connection have become common in homes, offices and schools, Google has been a pioneer in providing almost every service which a modern computer user requires. Every one of us can easily confess for opening a web browser and typing all sorts of searches under the colorful characters of GOOGLE every time we got stuck. As a result, as of 2009, Google catered to over a billion search requests daily. Not only this, in the wake of the ever evolving technical age, Google has introduced and developed various specialized services such as its social network Google+, office suite Google Docs, a cloud service called Google Drive and an android Operation System development software. This is merely how Google has impacted its worldwide consumer base; the company has also accomplished astounding milestones in the world of corporate businesses ever since its conception 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google has always been an exemplary performer in the corporate world with its name among the top 5 brands on Forbes and the market capital worth 367 Billion US Dollars, as of May 2015. This brings us to Google’s latest business venture to absorb Google into another subsidiary company Alphabet Inc. This venture was announced recently by Google and has taken up business news all over the globe due to its originality and profound nature. The merger, planned for the foreseeable future, proposes that the business entity Alphabet will be headed by the original founders of Google, Page and Brin, whereas Google will continue all its functions and services under the subsidiary company. As a result of a series of mergers, Google will be the only business entity to be acquired by Alphabet, all the stocks of Google prior to the merger, will be converted to the stocks of Alphabet Inc.  As for the functioning of the new subsidiary firm, the top hierarchy will consist of members from Google itself whereas a new chain of command will be established. The name Alphabet Inc. Also serves the purpose of defining the functions and services of Google which will now be commandeered by Alphabet. They are as follows
  • C is for Calico, Google’s life extension venture which is currently in the investment for the development of chronic diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.
  • D is for Deepmind, another acquired entity of Google which specializes in the research and application of various Artificial Intelligence technology. Google is looking to use this venture in its other projects such as the self-driving car.
  • E is for Google Earth, Google’s renowned and commonly used global map which is in the continuous process of updating, now even showing ocean depths and outer space among its precise imagery.
  • F is for Google Fiber, Fiber is a pioneer in optical fiber cables introduced by Google. It is capable of providing 1-gigabite of internet speed, a speed 100 times faster than the ordinary optic fiber cable.
  • G is for Google Glass, besides its supposed failure, Google has been in the innovation of a newer version of its Google Glass, this time marketing it for businesses and designing it to fulfill the functions for desk workers.
  • H is for Hangouts, Google’s easy to use and multi-functional group chat platform Hangouts enables users to use video chat and other online messenger tools.
  • I is for Google Ideas, this is a think tank functioning under Google aimed to counter online oppression.
  • J is for Jump VR, Jump is Google’s venture to create a virtual reality camera in partnership with GoPro.
  • K is for Google Knowledge Graph, which powers Google’s core semantic search of its database enabling the system to cater to users’ various searches.
  • L is for Life Sciences, a research venture of Google which integrates technology to the field of medicine in attempts to develop state of the art disease monitoring and symptoms countering.
  • M is for Makani, a Google acquired company with projects into harvesting energy from renewable resources.
  • N is for Nest, an ambitious venture of Google which is currently in the production of smarter home appliances.
  • O is for “OK Google”, Google’s voice recognition system which is integrated into various Google technologies.
  • P is for Project Loon, which is Google’s initiative to use lighter than air balloons to offer connectivity in remote areas.
  • Q is for QUIC Protocol, aimed to improve internet speeds by Google.
  • R is for reCaptcha, an online bot detecting technology acquired and used by Google.
  • S is for Skybox, a satellite venture enabling Google to innovate in satellite production and launch.
  • T is for Titan Aerospace, a solar powered drone manufacturing venture.
  • U is for Google URL Builder, this is a conventional analytical tool used by Google to track its web traffic
  • V is for Autonomous Vehicles, this is Google’s renowned self-operating cars and vehicles venture.
  • W is for Wing, a courier service via drone in the testing phase by Google.
  • X is for Google[x]; this entity handled all of Google’s non-core ventures before Alphabet.
  • Y is for YouTube, Google is currently innovating on enhancing people’s YouTube experience.
  • Z is for ZygoteBody, a virtual reality system by Google which enables users to virtually examine the human anatomy.
Alphabets is aimed to optimize Google’s functions while taking the firm into a new sphere of expansion in the business world, the success of this venture can only be determined by the extent of the name of Google itself which we all know has been cashing in since conception.

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