Career Advancement – Wamiq Haider

January 19,2016
When talking about ‘Career Advancement’ nobody in TRG Pakistan can miss mentioning Wamiq Haider and his experience in the company. Hence, it was much expected that we’re going to reach him for a flashback on his career progress in the company. As soon as we started interviewing him, laughingly Wamiq said ‘I left from home to get my CNIC processed and instead I ended up at TRG’… It was the morning of September 12th 2006, that a 20 year old young boy, full of dreams and aspirations, went out in the hope of getting his first ever job. However, he didn’t plan out for the longer run, it was just a temporary plan of working through the summer break. Since that morning, it has been a rollercoaster ride for Wamiq, which has not known any roadblocks or hindrances. He started by working for the prelaunch of one of our biggest clients, as pioneers of the campaign. As soon as summer ended, it was still not over for Wamiq. He found the kind of comfort in this environment that convinced him to stay for longer. That’s when he started planning things for the longer run. Here’s what he had to say when we asked him how he suddenly changed his plan from the short term to the long term. ‘Things related to computers always made me keen to learn. I learnt Microsoft Excel over here, wanted to pursue it and polish my skills in it. I was always egoistic about what I wanted and TRG believed in my potential, so I could see myself growing here in the longer run.’ ‘My basic self-conflict was to become a supervisor in three months, which I achieved within months of my joining. Hence the next goal was to grow within the company and work in all the unexplored areas; learn everything that’s happening within the company’ Within 2 years of working with Operations, Wamiq felt the need of creating a department of WFM (Work Force Management) as he was already working on Analytics and Reports, hence he realized the need of making the whole process more systematic. In June 2008 WFM was formed. ‘Till this day I’m inquisitive about work, not just work for WFM but I have worked in all the separate areas… Finance, HR and all support functions. Eventually operations grew, things grew and I grew.’ Starting as a Customer Service Executive, Wamiq now holds dual responsibilities of running WFM and Compliance departments. For him, his first ever promotion was his biggest accomplishment, as it helped him set his goals for the long term. His inspiration is his father, who was one of those people who would read all the available newspapers every single day, despite having the same information in every single one of them. Every 2/3 days he would read new books. ‘Because of the information stream he had, I always looked up to him.’ The career advice that Wamiq has for us is: “20% of right efforts results in 80% of efficiency, use your time and thoughts wisely” IBEX is not an organization it’s an institution, you don’t grow here, you learn! - Danya Riaz Qureshi Recruitment Marketing Strategist IBEX Global

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