Career Advancement – Imran Ata

January 19,2016
It was back in 2007, that one of our most valued employees joined TRG Karachi as a ‘Customer Service Executive’ for one of our local campaigns. He was part of the first batch for the client in TRG. Just at the age of 23, holding a degree in Economics, he became a part of the TRG family, which welcomed him with open doors. This being his 4th job, he was carrying 2.5 years of previous work experience in Media and Administration. Imran was the pioneer member of one of our Pakistan operation’s leading campaigns. Within a span of 2 months, he was promoted as ‘Team Lead’ and in the following 3 months, he appeared for a test and got promoted as a ‘Supervisor’, managing a team of 20 agents. In the next few months, he took the position of ‘Lead Supervisor’, his job enabling him to ‘micromanage’; divide his team into groups, and manage them simultaneously. Imran had always known growing through the career ladder in the quickest way possible, which was proven when he was promoted as ‘Assistant Manager’ Outbound. Along with the numerous promotions, Imran has also accumulated diverse experience of working in different areas of operations including sales, financial services, business intelligence and postpaid. He now stands as the ‘Assistant Manager Operations’ Financial Institutes and non-Telco campaigns, being a proud example of career progression within the company that we provide for our talented employees. Imran owes his growth to the TRG family as according to him, help and support was always provided from the team in terms of growth. There are a lot of proud moments for Imran. However, in his opinion, the experience that you gain initially in your career always seems to have the biggest impact. For him it was when he got promoted as a ‘Team Lead’ as there were only a limited handful number of people who were promoted at that time. Along with being skilled in his work, Imran is also one of the most active members of TRG, participating and organizing various events for the purpose of entertainment. He’s an active member of the following, and has also arranged numerous events on behalf of TRG: Telenor RNR, Team lead in Red Club events and activities, annual employee day, sporting activities (Cricket, football). The major factor behind success for him is to have fun and invest interest in whatever you’re doing. His career advice for newbies is to go wherever you have to go with complete self-confidence and self-belief in reaching the skies. His long term goal ahead is to keep doing what he loves and excel in it. When we asked what success means to him, he said ‘Work with honesty, always follow your principles and eventually success will come to you’. - Danya Riaz Qureshi Recruitment Marketing Strategist IBEX Global

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