Call Center Industry – A Stable Career Field or A Risky Job

August 17,2015
I stare the laptop screen for a long time just to answer this one question. So many waves strike my mind many images are moving in front like a photo album. Constant voice of the keyboard, bright light of computer and this empty chair all belongs to this job. Then I start my writing with a very basic question “Is call Center Industry a stable career field or a risky job”? Whenever anyone takes a first step for his career the conflict that collide his mind is that of job security. As far as call center industry is related there are many faces of this statue. It has job security and risks too. It seems like two dimensions of a same figure. One face is strong like a rock, crystal clear like water and higher up like mountains whereas the opposite side is shaky, grubby and thorny. So we cannot make a rigid decision that it is a risky or stable job. There are a few pros and cons of every job. I would like to share them and leave an open room for the readers to judge this industry. I am highlighting its benefits first. Which are as follows :
  1. No Experience Needed:
Most call center jobs do not require any previous experience, so if you are a fresh graduate with no experience at all and you are new to the job market, then a call center job is the easiest gate to enter any big corporation, provided that you have good communication skills and computer knowledge.
  1. High Income and Rewards:
Usually the salary of the call center agents is higher than any other entry or junior level jobs. In addition, you can get extra compensation in the form of over time or for working on specific timing
  1. Enhance Your Skills:
Most call centers invest a lot in providing free trainings to their agents. This is a great opportunity to develop your skills, especially in communication and multi-tasking
  1. Get Your Dream Job:
As we said before, a call center job is the easiest way to enter any big corporation, especially if you do not have any previous experience. This gate can help you to reach your dream job, if you proved yourself as a hard worker and knowledgeable call center agent. Most big corporations prefer and more inclined to hire and promote from within, before thinking to hire new candidates from outside.
  1. A Great Team to Work With:
Usually and unlike any other job or department, call centers have people from different backgrounds and you get to interact and work with these people. Not only will you be able to make friends and learn from them, but with the multitude of personalities the work environment is never a bore. Also the team spirit that is often present between workers is great, because employees are often seated close together and it is easy to chat between calls.
  1. Prestige:
Almost all call centers with international accounts are multinational companies. This is something worth bragging about. Since most call centers are big companies with deep pockets, you will most probably have a very nice office in great business buildings and business districts. Imagine yourself having the chance of working with very popular and prestigious brand names.
  1. Low Work Volume:
If you are a teacher, accountant, or even a marketer, and after a hectic day at work, you might still bring some work home. This never happens in a call center. Once you are logged out, you are done! Now have a look at the disadvantages too. They are as follows: Work schedule: The graveyard shift is the most difficult thing about working for a call center. We all know our bodies are made to function in the day and sleep at night. If you work for a call center, you have to adjust your schedule so that you work at night and sleep in the day. You also have to adjust your eating schedule so that you eat breakfast in the evening, lunch at midnight, and dinner in the morning. All this adjustments will give you a feeling of jet lag and will sometimes wear your body down. Stress: Call center work can be very stressful. Whether you work for a customer service, sales, or technical service account, you will encounter heavy stress. This is part of the reason why a lot of call center agents are smokers. The stress from call center work does not only come from the nature of the work, it also comes from the culture of the customers that we deal with. Sometimes customers tend to be very demanding and impatient. Career Growth: There is also the possibility of not getting promoted for several months or even years because the job description does not really shift, unless you are promoted. It is not uncommon for some individuals to have been working as call center agents for many years. Downsizing: Since the industry heavily depends on overseas clients, the fate of workers is at the mercy of economic conditions. When economy is down, call center agents, like everyone else, are subject to layoffs or experience freeze in benefits. To conclude this piece of writing I will suggest that those who are considering getting a job in a call center should find a reliable and reputable company. This is to ensure that your pay comes on time and that your benefits are, indeed, received.

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