Another feather in the IBEX Cap!

February 19,2016
“You have done an amazing job on Nicaragua on the core network! Some of the best work I’ve seen. Well done!”- Paul Williams (Chief Information Officer-IBEX Global US) Recently, the IT team at IBEX Global, headed by Mubashir Ali Khan (Head of Global Networks) pulled off a successful implementation of the Core Switch and Avaya Platform in Nicaragua. By definition, Core is analogous to something like nucleus or a heart of a human body – hence Core Switch is like a heart to IT Infrastructure. Everyone can elicit the consequences of a heart failure. Mubashir, along with his team identified several areas that needed immediate attention out of which substitution of obsolete Core Switch in Hampton, VA was imminent. The management and the network team were keen on getting things up and running so that there was no chance of a total blackout. Hence, according to their management’s vision, they needed to devise strategies to make IT Infrastructure robust and resilient enough to sustain and accommodate clients meeting the on-demand growth pattern of organization. Therefore the implementation of a top of the line switch such as the “Cisco Nexus Switch” was in order, which not only gives fabulous performance throughout but enables itself to be installed as a redundant active peer. This could be analogous to having two hearts in the IT infrastructure so that if one fails, the other one takes over. Apart from that, Cisco Nexus provides has the ability to combine IBEX Global’s geographically dispersed Data Centers to be part of single unit! Recapitulating it all, the success of this project is attributed to weeks and weeks of brainstorming and careful planning. The Nexus switch is fairly new to the market and its technological aspects are intricate. Making it work in the first attempt was a truly remarkable effort by Mubashir and his team members. So hats off to everyone who made it possible!

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