A Success Story: Meeting Azhar Ali Siddiqui

February 19,2016
When an individual starts working relatively early in life in a country like Pakistan, nobody is surprised; but I was amazed when I got to know a person working at the PK site called Azhar Ali Siddiqui, hailing from a small district called Shikarpur. It is a district in the Sindh province of Pakistan. The city of Shikarpur is the capital. This young gentleman first joined the company in the year 2008 at an impressionable age of mere 18 years. Azhar had barely completed his 10 years of schooling when he first moved to Karachi, the world's 6th largest metropolitan area. His uncle brought him to the city as the company was looking for a hardworking office boy. As an office boy, his major responsibilities included doing all kinds of chores like cleaning and helping the administration in sundry tasks. Azhar knew life was tough and he was determined to make it big; while he worked from morning to evening; after work, he would go back to his books and managed completing his high school degree despite all odds. Today he smiles, while reminiscing about his struggles. Two years down the lane, the administration department decided to delegate an important task to Azhar of managing transportation services for all those availing company transportation at the head office. It then hit him that he wanted to be somebody doing something different. He realized he could go ahead and do something other than being an office boy at a multinational like IBEX Global, then TRG. He realized finishing high school was not enough, and pursued a bachelor in commerce. On one fine day in 2013, the CFO (Mr. Syed M. Adnan) approached him and his dreams started to materialize. The CFO realized his potential and the desire to reach for the stars, and gave him a chance to get trained as an accountant. Azhar now spent a good 12 hours at work for the next 8 months, whereby he continued his administration work for 9 hours and the remaining 3 hours he would spend under the watchful eyes of his new colleagues and peers in Finance. They helped him understand his new world of numbers, spreadsheets and a variety of softwares. As these tedious 8 months passed, he joined the Finance team in Karachi as a Junior Accounts Officer. Today, Azhar inspires all the young and mature office boys around him to never give up in life despite all odds. Meeting Azhar Ali Siddiqui and having the opportunity to know his story reminds me of a Robin Sharma quote, “Dream Big. Start small. Act now.” Thank you Azhar!

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